Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2014-03-03

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, Claudia Urrea, Gonzalo Odiard, Jose Miguel, Adam Holt

Community members: kandoi, raulhugo, gp94


  1. GSoC
  2. Turtle Art Day
  3. youth summit
  4. teacher/techie meetups
  5. background contest
  6. XS


ACTION: everyone solicit students LINK: Summer_of_Code/Template

Turtle Art Day

Walter announce that he is organizing Turtle Art days in Sri Lanka and Nepal

Youth Summit

Daniel Francis and Walter are working on a manifesto Jose Miguel said ANEP may be interested in participating

Background Image Contest

We discussed more details re the background contest

Pedagogist/Developer meetups

Claudia has begin the meetings on the first Wednesday of the month.

School Server