Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2014-04-17

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, Claudia Urrea, Gonzalo Odiard, Daniel Francis Jose Miguel, Chris Leonard

Community members:


  1. GSoC
  2. Turtle Art Day
  3. Youth Summit
  4. Trip report


We have 9 slots:

project student mentor
Hack a Stuffed Animal Jade Garrett Stephen Thomas
Python 3 Kunal Arora Sameer Verma
Bulletin Board Nazrul Haque Athar Walter Bender
Activity Unit/UI Tests Gaurav Parida dnarvaez
Social Help for Sugar Prasoon Shukla Paul Cotton
Music Suite Aneesh Dogra Gonzalo Odiard
Sugar Listens Rodrigo Parra tchx84
Cordova Container Puneet Kaur Lionel Laské
Turtle Art 3D Anubhav Jaiswal Tony Forster

Turtle Art Day

Walter announce that he is running a Turtle Art Day in Nepal in May

Youth Summit

We agreed on a .UY venue in September 2014. We'll invite ~20 youths from .UY, 10 from .PY, the GCI winners, and more from the region.

Trip Report

Gonzalo gave a detailed report of his meetings at Google, Wikipedia, and SFSC