Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-03-04

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SLOB Members

In attendance
walterbender; canoeberry; josemiguel; Claudia; llaske; tony

Community Members

icarito; kaametza; GrannieB; samsongoddy; cjl; Ibiam; sammeister


  • Google Summer of Code
  • Translation Manager
  • Marketing
  • Voting bylaws

Google Summer of Code

Walter led a discussion, including an announcement that we will be a participating organization again this summer. There is still time to add proposals to the wiki and solicit both mentors and student interns.

Translation Manager

Tony led a discussion of Translation_Proposal.

Based on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Translation_Proposal Tony (and other SLOB members) should write up a job description with goals and reporting structure for a coordinator position to be submitted to the SFC

The motion was made by Walter; seconded by Adam; passed by a vote of 6 in favor; 1 absent.


Lionel reported about a discussion with Sean Daley about marketing. Sean suggested we need a renewed, clear statement of goals. Lionel agreed to lead an offline discussion to clarify goals (and the creation of a wiki page) to discuss at the next meeting.

Voting By Laws

Adam proposed a clarification to our voting bylaws. He made following motion, seconded by Walter.

to restrict email voting to 1 week going forward, to remove confusion from the current voting process, keeping focus. Board members' email votes would be required to arrive within One Week Maximum (168.0 hours) of the original motion. (Any motion that fails to pass within this 1-week sunset period, can of course be attempted again in future, e.g. if long-term overseas/off-grid/medical absences require another later vote on the same topic).

The motion passed 5 in favor; 1 abstaining; 1 absent.

Additional discussion

Several community members made motions in the midst of discussion of the Translation Coordinator. We agreed to continue discussion of these motions next week (11 March) in an informal discussion (or formal if we have a quorum).