Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-09-02

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02 September 2016

Walter, Tony, Adam, Lionel, Jose Miguel
Community members
samsongoddy, GrannieB_, Ibiam, andresaguirre, davelab6, pikurasa


  • Report from the i18n manager;
  • Discussion re Finance manager appointment;
  • Election 2016 (for three SLOB positions);
    • SLOB representation on the membership committee;
  • Final results from our participation in GSoC 2016;
  • Libre Learn Lab at MIT;
  • Turtle Art Day (Abuja, Asuncion, Montevideo)


Finance Manager

Election 2016

We volunteered Sameer to represent the oversight board on the committee.

GSoC 2016

Kudos to our interns and mentors

Turtle Art Days

We approved a motion to support TA Days in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Nigeria.

Libre Learn Lab

Libre Learn Lab