Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-11-04

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Oversight board members
walterbender, Claudia_, Canoeberry, JM
Community members
samsongoddy, iamutkarshtiwari, andresaguirre, davelab6, Ibiam, et al.


  • Turtle Art Day(s)
  • Google Code In
  • i18n

Turtle Art Days(s)

Andres gave an update re a week of activities in Uruguay: in Montevideo, Florida, Maldonado, Artigas (and others cities in Uruguay). Andrea Vasquez Guerra from Foundation Chile came to UY to run workshops on Music Blocks. Walter gave an update re Turtle Art Day in Paraguay. Artemis Papert joined the team to work with teachers and students on Turtle Art.

Google Code In

Walter reported that our application for GCI 2016 was submitted.


Edgar has finished updating Aymara for Sugar 110.