Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2017-04-07

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Oversight board members
walterbender, llaske, Canoeberry, ignacio, kaametza, samsongoddy, elverma
Community members
ifeanyi, ifeanyimatthew, Ibiam, icarito


  • Google Summer of Code/Outreachy
  • Internet Society Global Engagement proposal
  • Sugar Network funding request
  • plans, goals, aspirations

Google Summer of Code/Outreachy

Walter gave an update of the status of Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. We have 45 applicants. Walter prepared a spreadsheet for the mentors to rank the proposals. It is not too late to sign up as a mentor. Please contact Walter.

We also agreed that Walter would ask the SFC to provide Ignacio with a travel advance for his trip to the GGI summit. (Google is covering all of his expenses but it is onerous for him to come up with cash in advance.)

Internet Society Global Engagement

Laura described a proposal she has submitted to localize Sugarizer for use in Peru.

Sugar Network funding request

Laura summarized an email discussion regarding a funding request for support maintaining the Sugar Network in Peru. There is additional discussion in an email thread.

Plans, Goals, Aspirations

Walter agreed to write a draft of goals for Sugar Labs in 20017. See [1].