Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2017-05-05

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Oversight board members
walterbender, llaske, Canoeberry, ignacio, kaametza, samsongoddy, sverma
Community members
GrannieB, Ibiam, icarito


  • Google Summer of Code/Outreachy
  • Mission Statement
  • 2017 Elections

Google Summer of Code/Outreachy

Walter gave an update of the status of Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. We have 9 GSoC interns and 1 Outreachy intern.

Mission Statement

After several false starts (by email and in the meeting) we finally approved a mission statement for 2017.

Motion by Samson Goddy, seconded by Llaske: Revise the Sugar Labs mission statement to "Sugar Labs is a volunteer-run project whose mission is to reach global learners and educators with a collection of tools that enable them to explore, discover, create, and reflect in their local language. Sugar Labs distributes these tools freely and encourages its users to appropriate them, taking ownership and responsibility for their learning." Motion passed 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstained.

2017 Elections

Kaamatza brought to our attention that according to the wiki, elections are supposed to take place in August. We will proceed with that schedule in mind.