Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2018-03-02

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In attendance

SLOB members
walterbender, samsongoddy, Claudia, sverma, llaske
Community members
GrannieB, perrie, Quozl_


  • GSoC update
  • Ombudsman search
  • Education team
  • Travel request
  • Goals for 2018

GSoC update

Walter informed the board that SL has been accepted into GSoC. We discussed the possibility of setting up a SL Summer of Code program in parallel to pursue non-coding projects in our critical path.


Walter reported that his is making progress on the search for a replacement for Bert

Education team

GrannieB presented a proposal for a reviving of the Education Team. See [1]. Claudia was volunteered to be the SLOB representative to the team.

Travel request

Walter made a motion.

to approve a travel budget of up to US $500 for Samson Goddy to travel to the Open Source Way to Go conference.

Seconded by Sameer. Awaiting email vote.

See [2] for additional details.

Goals for 2018

Sameer gave an update on the Goals survey. See [3].