Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2019-01-04

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Board members
Walter Bender, Lionel Laské, Devin Ulibarri, James Cameron, Samson Goddy, Alex Perez, and Claudia Urrea (from 20:44 UTC).


Community members
Rahul Bothra and Peace Ojemeh.


  • Welcome new Board Members
  • Assign new Board roles
  • Discussion of 2019 goals

Carried over from e-mail deliberations was;

Google Summer of Code 2018 Stipends

Normally the stipends can be requested by the mentors, but the mentors agreed not to request, but suggested that the money be used for marketing. See MOTION 2016-34 and mailing list post.

We discussed;

  • mentors made this agreement in private (Subject "GSoC mentor stipend" on October 11th),
  • that there was no plan in the motion,
  • that Conservancy is unlikely to let us spend any money without a plan,
  • past undermining of decisions,
  • need for consensus as a control for undermining,
  • role of the liaison or project representative,

We did not come to an agreement. Next action is to write a marketing plan together.

Preserve the unpaid GSoC 2018 stipend for marketing purposes, and thank the mentors who suggested this.

Google Summer of Code 2019

Walter asked us to consider our participation in Google Summer of Code 2019.

We discussed;

  • decision to be made by 23rd January,
  • quantity of project ideas,
  • organisational administrator(s),
  • benefits and costs, including exposure to broader FOSS community,
  • need for a process to select project ideas,
  • need for a process to select mentors,
  • the Sugar Labs GSoC repository,
  • hidden development conversations,

We agreed to participate.

Sugar Labs will apply for Google Summer of Code 2019.

Google Code-in 2018 Travel

Walter asked us to budget an amount to cover the difference between Google and actual travel costs for a mentor chosen by the grand prize winner.

We discussed;

  • difference in costs may be because of travel from Africa or India,
  • difference may exceed $2000,
  • Google may help with difference,
  • we will know more when the grand price winners are announced on the 7th and they chose a mentor,
  • the Conservancy will require a specific decision anyway,
Sugar Labs matches the Google Code-In Summit travel budget, by paying from our own funds up to $2k.

Goals for 2019

We discussed;

  • we are out of time for this meeting,
  • this item will require more time,
  • the summary of submissions is at Goals/2018_Submissions,
  • we may discuss by e-mail.

Meeting closed at 21:07.