Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-09-02

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Agenda for SLOBs Meeting

2020-09-02 at 20:00 UTC on Jitsi

Role Call

Present SLOBs: Ibiam, Lionel, Devin

Present Guests: Walter

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

Nothing to Report.

Reports from Ombudsman

(James is not present, so no report.)

Any reports from project teams, Google Summer of Code

Walter asks mentors to submit the evaluations if not done already.

NOTE: Students did a wonderful job this summer.

TODO: All students must archive final reports here.

1023 Status Report and Action Items

Action Items: 1. Rework Bios (everyone) 2. Rework Beginning (Devin) 3. Rework History (5 paragraphs) 4. Rework Future (5 paragraphs)

James and Ibiam Sugar Activity Job Report

Received a detailed sheet of packages from Ibiam with which show what needs to be updated.

Board Composition and Election (Cont.)

Walter and Ibiam will be meeting to work on this.

  • Sugar Labs Oversight Board members may run and be voted on, under SFC.
  • Sugar Labs Advisory Board members may move into new org without legal implications. Minors may run and be voted on.
  • Sugar Labs Inc. board cannot be changed without considering legal implications.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

Sep 16th 20:00UTC on Jitsi


Finished 4:58

Final 2020 GSoC Feature Share

Music Blocks



Vote activity