Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-11-25

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Minutes for SLOBs Meeting

2020-12-09 at 19:30 UTC on Jitsi

Role Call

SLOBs Present: Devin, Walter, Lionel, Perrie, Jui

SL Inc. Present: Devin, Lionel, Walter

Guests: Ibiam

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

Nothing to Report.

TODO: Tell SFC that 1023 has been submitted.

Reports from Ombudsman

Nothing to Report.

Walter volunteers to be new liaison.

1023 Status Report and Action Items

1023 has been submitted.

Bylaws currently have that we must ask if others have any objections (7 days or more in advance) to any guest invitations and any board member can object. We can amend these in the bylaws, if we want.

Agreed that Aaron Williamson is invited to the first 30 minutes.

Strategic Planning, etc.

Bring 2 ideas next week.

Layout ideas, and prioritize them.

HR meets ideas.

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing and PR
  • Strategic Planning

SugarLabs Code-in

  • Marketing
  • Vetting -- Do we really care who joins? (age limits, etc)
  • Infrastructure -- We can come up with this on our own.
  • Prize -- We cannot really do this, may not be necessary.

In India, the first half of January is Winter Break.

What do we call it? Code-in, Hackathon, Competition

Who replaces Rahul

Rahul's seat was for 2020-21. Since we did not have an election, we need to figure out which new board member replaces Rahul for that cycle (not the 21-22 cycle). Walter volunteers to take that seat, and therefore run again next year.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

2020-12-09 at 19:30 UTC on Jitsi


20:55 UTC