Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2021-01-06

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 2021-01-06

Role Call

Jui Perrie Lionel Walter

Manish Samson

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

(Claudia via email confirmed that she has let the SFC know that she is the new liaison.)

Report from Ombudsman

(Pattie -- no updates)

Finance Report

Current Assets: US$ 13,304.26

2020 Expenses: US$ 14,795.74

  • Banking fees: US$ 58.00
  • Contractors: US$ 4,447.56
    • Ibiam's contract for maintaining activities ($911)
    • GSoC mentors (Lionel, Michael, Devon, Ashish, Raul)
  • Insurance: US$ 725.00
  • Accounting: US$ 1600.00
  • Legal: US$ 7,540.00
    • Incorporation, By Laws
    • 1023 Application
  • Taxes: US$ 216.00
  • Website: US$ 209.18

2020 Income: US$ 28,100.00

  • Donations: US$ 100.00
  • Google (GCI, GSoC): US$ 8,000.00


Report from Ibiam about his contract to manage activities.

Google Summer of Code

Walter: Motion: Sugar Labs participate 2021 Google Summer of Code Lionel (seconds the motion) Jui +1 Perrie +1

Jui, Perrie, and Lionel agreed to be the admins.

Walter will pass last year's application material

Sugar, Sugarizer, Music Blocks

Google Code-in Replacement Report

Discussion schedule for January 13 (Samson)

Sugar Labs Monthly Events Discussion


Communication Channels: Discord Discussion


Perrie, Jui, Samson sang the praises of discord.

Samson to work with Alex to work on setting up a Sugar Labs chat bot for discord.

Samson and Alex will sync our content with git book.

Unanimity re giving it a try.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

20 Jan in JITSI

03 Feb on discord