Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2021-01-20

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 2021-01-20


Jui Perrie Lionel Walter Claudia



Alex will continue to participate in the board. We need confirmation from Alex on whether or not he will continue to be executive director. Martin Guy has agreed to manage finances.

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

Claudia is in communication with Alex to complete the W9 form requested by Conservancy.

Google Code-in Replacement Report

The following document was created during the Jan 13 meeting. More information will be added in the following few days: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AZE9xL7AWnwHjQLE8zb6L-hgtdENjLPefKtuEYxhz7U/edit

We spoke about including this topic during regular meeting times to facilitate participation. Sansom will look into the possibility. (Samson)

Sugar Labs Monthly Events Discussion

We will aim to share monthly learning packages to support learners around the world, in particular those who are affected by COVID pandemic. We will curate and create learning packages for a diverse groups of learners that includes learners of different ages, interests and access to technologies.

We looked at the different ideas:

We will invite others to contribute and activate the community:

Topics for the monthly packages:

  • Music (Activities: MusicBlocks)
  • Storytelling (Activities: Fototoons, Story, Turtle Block)
  • Physics ?
  • Computation/Math (Abacus)

Where do we store/display pictures or projects shared by the learners?

We are aiming to begin on Feb 15, 2021.


Communication Channels: Discord Discussion

Samson was not able to get in touch with Alex. Walter talked to Alex and reported that Discord is not an open source platform. He will do additional research on alternative tools.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

3 Feb in JITSI