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SLOB Meeting -- March 17, 2021

Attending: Walter, Lionel, Perrie, MrBios, Ibiam

From the community: Samson, srevinsaju



No transactions as of yet in 2021


Nothing to report.

Walter still needs to write some text to make it more obvious in our Code of Conduct that we have an ombudsman.


Claudia was unavailable


Samson is working on the proposal, due 26 March. Walter met with Samson after the meeting to discuss details of a Music Blocks documentation project for teachers might look like.

Next Meeting

31 March 2021


walterbender: hello everyone Alex Perez: heyo walterbender: We have a SLOB meeting beginning in 5 minutes Samson Goddy: hello all walterbender: hi Alex Perez: Samson Goddy Alex Perez: you get the USB sticks? Samson Goddy: Hello walterbender Alex Perez: walterbender: I did, thanks walterbender: good to hear... enough to keep you supplied for a few weeks? I spoke with Quidam yesterday... we still plan to do the Triquel SoaS mass mailing hopefully this summer * walterbender wonders if we have a quorum llaske_: Hi all walterbender: hi llaske_ Claudia will be late... anyone hear from Jui or Ibiam or Perrie? Alex Perez: nope walterbender: Lets wait a couple of more minutes while we are waiting... Samson Goddy do you have any updates re Season of Docs? perrieee: Hello walterbender: HI perrieee We have a quorum so we should begin the meeting. Samson Goddy: Yes, sorry I was having some connection issues perrieee: Sorry I’m late ... connection issues walterbender: Let's get the boilerplate items taken care of first... nothing new re finances or the ombudsman but I do need to add the promised language re ombudsman to Sugar Docs and Community Docs. Re GSoC, anything to report? perrieee llaske_ ?? Have you invited mentors? (I've not seen an invite :P ) llaske_: We’ve been accepted Sumit Srivastava: Hi all llaske_: We don’t have invited mentor yet walterbender: I guess I am not remembering the process... I though we did that at this stage. llaske_: Yes we could but we have time walterbender: Anything the community should be doing to help right now? llaske_: Answer to questions of new contributors walterbender: OK... that I think we are doing... llaske_: Yes 😊 Sumit Srivastava: Hi all, genuine question: Due to some things that I'm working on I might not be able to devote as much time to GSoC as a mentor as I used to devote in the past few years. Also, I am very excited by the musicblocks project ideasthat have been listed this summer. Like, really excited. Should I be a mentor or not? walterbender: If you don't have time, then I suggest not. But maybe you could do some code contributions llaske_: Is there a co mentor on your project ? Sumit Srivastava: Yes, Walter and Anindya are mentoring almost all Musicblocks projects Samson Goddy: For some reason, I keep getting disconnected walterbender: ultimately the co-mentors depend on the proposals... what is in the git repo is just project ideas Alex Perez: The public beta of Fedora 34 should happen next Tuesday, the 23rd. It'd be good to get some testing of Sugar on a Stick once that happens. it got punted out a week (this week) due to some blockers walterbender: but we will definitely have daily meetings of everyone working on Music Blocks... you are welcome to join in Alex Perez: +1 Alex Perez: maybe a heads up to sugar dev when it is ready for testing? Alex Perez: yep, and soas@ walterbender: any other GSoC business? Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Hi Everyone. Sorry I'm late. llaske_: That’s all on my side walterbender: Chihurumnaya Ibiam: please read the backlog... I'd like to discuss Libreplanet Both Devin and I are presenting at Libreplanet this weekend, but on non-Sugar projects 😛 Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Opened a review request for the rename of sugar-visualmatch to sugar-dimensions earlier today. Sumit Srivastava: Haven't seen Devin mentoring yet. Will he be mentoring? walterbender: Yes... Alex Perez: It might not get approved this close to beta walterbender: He is helping with the Music Blocks refactoring anyway, the question is, should we have a virtual Sugar Labs booth at Libreplanet? Devin and I could man the booth on Sunday, but not on Saturday Alex Perez: with no time for planning, I'm not sure it's worth the effort. I can't help walterbender: I think we need to have some presence both days if we do it. Sumit Srivastava: Yes, I keep reading the codebase and issues and discussions from time to time. The work is going pretty awesome. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Let's see, the issue is here https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1939978. 1939978 – Review Request: sugar-visualmatch - Pattern matching game Login [x] Log in using an account from: Fedora Account System Red Hat Associate Red Hat Customer Or login using a Red Hat Bugzilla account Forgot Password walterbender: anyway, the question is, should we have a virtual Sugar Labs booth at Libreplanet? I think we should. walterbender: I think it doesn't need a lot of planning... just someone there to answer questions, give demos... Devin and I could man the booth on Sunday, but not on Saturday Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Haven't checked any details but would manning the booth be all day or during specific hours? walterbender: We need to cover roughly 10-5 EST on Saturday but it could be tag-team We could demo Sugarizer, the flatpack activities, Music Blocks, etc. Alex Perez: demoing Sugar remotely seems like....a bitch Samson Goddy: I have done that before, sort of walterbender: The rooms will be Jitsi... it is trivial to share a browser window, so Music Blocks and Sugarizer are a walk in the park. If you boot with X11 instead of Wayland then the desktop works fine too... so I don't think it is so difficult. Sumit Srivastava: Sugar on a virtual machine? a VM would work too Samson Goddy: yes Sumit Srivastava: And then screen capture on Jitsi * walterbender uses Jitsi for Music Blocks classes every Saturday, which is why I cannot man the booth Any volunteers? 14UTC-21UTC Samson Goddy: I can come in llaske_: I can’t on my side Sumit Srivastava: Maybe instead of a single person manning, it could be distributed. Samson Goddy: But not sure if I can do all time Alex Perez: I am unable to commit, as previously mentioned Samson Goddy: Yes, multiple people will be better. walterbender: Sumit Srivastava: yes... I don't expect 1 person to do the entire time and the more the merrier But I don't want to commit if we cannot commit to being in the room We need to cover roughly 10-5 EST on Saturday but it could be tag-team Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I'm guessing it's AM. Alex Perez: if we can't get critical mass, I'd rather we not request a presence/room Sumit Srivastava: 1 hour from my side walterbender: I just confirmed my math: 10am in Boston == 14UTC Alex Perez: I agree... hence my raising it here Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I might not be able to at that time. If I can, I'll be sure to join in. walterbender: seems we don't have enough people Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I think I can do it. I'll be available at that time on Saturday. Samson Goddy: I wanna commit, but not sure how long I can commit as power at my new place is crazy these days I haven't invested in backup power yet, just moved in Samson Goddy: In terms of my internet connectivity at my apartment Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Samson's message got forwarded, typo. Sumit Srivastava: Chihurumnaya Ibiam for all of 14utc to 21utc? Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Nope, not all of 14UTC till 21UTC. Might be available from 14UTC till 17UTC. I won't be able to do the latter part, but the earlier hour might be doable for me. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I might be able to do the later part but it all depends on electricity here and I don't trust that we'll have electricity at that time. Sumit Srivastava: Seems like we don't have enough conviction to be able to pull off the full Saturday walterbender: I will see if I can arrange a Sunday-only booth. I'll let you all know of the decision and of course, anyone available on Sunday should join the fun. Next up Samson Goddy: anything we need to know/do re Season of Docs? Samson Goddy: Yes, I am thinking because of time, I am proposing we meet over zoom or any good alternative to flesh everything out. https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/org-proposal-template Creating the organization proposal | Season of Docs - Google Developers Season of Docs Language English Bahasa Indonesia Deutsch Español Français Português – Brasil Русский This is what is important to Google the proposal from SL We need to have something before March 26th llaske_: I’m worry about the cost. Can we spend the budget need Samson Goddy: Can you throw more light? llaske_ llaske_: GSoC cost nothing How much GSoD will cost us? Sumit Srivastava: GSoD gives grants to organisation Which will be used to pay the writer Samson Goddy: llaske_: Season of Docs is like GSoD but just that we hire someone to write for us as part of Google grant via Open Collectove *Collective All we need to do is tell Google how much it will cost and send in a scope llaske_: May be I misunderstood. I thought we need to pay for that Samson Goddy: I see from 6k up to 15k USD No, llaske_ Google is paying in a grant form llaske_: Ah okay sorry walterbender: Is anything written up yet? Samson Goddy: That is what I am proposing for us to jump on a call or a separate meeting for a scope of work walterbender: I have time for a quick call right after this meeting, but I have zero time to do any writing between now and the 26th. Maybe some copy-editing I have a good idea of what Music Blocks needs but not a very solid idea for anything else. Samson Goddy: Okay great, I can create a link for a call, anyone interested to meet? Or maybe later this week? because of time for others? The aim of this call is ideas brainstorming Which could focus on a tool like MB, Sugar and Sugarizer Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I can meet later this week but not right after this call. walterbender: Samson Goddy: can at least you and I talk right after the meeting? I cannot meet later this week. Samson Goddy: Yes Chihurumnaya Ibiam: This meeting rather. Samson Goddy: walterbender: I am available walterbender: any other Sugar Labs business for now? other topics? llaske_: Nope walterbender: motion to adjourn llaske_: +1 Alex Perez: +1 Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I sent an email earlier to SLOBs about my contract. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I sent an email earlier to SLOBs about my contract. Did anyone take a look at the notes?? walterbender: I didn't look yet. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: since I was not on SLOB at the time, I don't think I ever saw the original contract. But let's plan to bring this up as the first topic of discussion next time? Alex Perez: agreed. walterbender: presumably it's in the slob ML archive * walterbender will look Chihurumnaya Ibiam: The other part in the email might need a motion though, although it needs to be discussed first. walterbender: If there is nothing else, then let's end the meeting. Thanks everyone. I'll write up minutes for the wiki and send an update re LibrePlanet and my discussion with Samson. Chihurumnaya Ibiam my apologies that we did not get to your topic yet. walterbender: But let's plan to bring this up as the first topic of discussion next time? Okay. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: It's okay. walterbender: motion to adjourn +1.