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The upstream is in process of switching to new AMO code base, django based (python based framework). We need to do the same. So, the plan is:

  • Reimplement current ASLO patch to do the exactly the same in new AMO
  • Add new but not breaking current behaviour:
    • Upload by one click
    • Experimental support of bundle-less activities

The plan is having new ASLO ready for broad, pre-production testing, until 2011-04-06.

Upload by one click

The only that will be required is just uploading a .xo to the server. All needed metadata will be fetched from the bundle:

  •, activity metadata in sweets recipe specification
  • NEWS, release notes
  • po/, translation of fields

Bundle-less activities

Excluding network-less environments, the only thing anyone should know about any activity, to run it from anywhere, is an unique Web url. It is based on 0install project. Network based nature, though, does not mean the it will be useless w/o the net. It will be possible to make selfcontained bundle by packaging activity itself and all its dependencies to one .xo.

This is an initial support of Sweets on ASLO.