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These are reasons to use Prosody Jabber/XMPP server:

  • be humble for consuming memory and CPU resources, especially for the Sugar Server Kit usecase (up to 1K users),
  • jabber server should be simple to initially configure, and work in an unmaintained mode as long as possible.


These plugins are tested against the Prosody 0.8.2 version.


Provides a global roster, where every user sees all registered accounts.


In difference with the original mod_pep plugin, mod_sugar_pep allows all buddies from the sugar roster to get all notifications, even without proper subscriptions. This plugin seems to be a workaround, because subscription should be done on the client side, but that doesn't happen. The affected use case can be reproduced in the Glucose-0.88 (Dextrose-2) environment:

  1. Clean up data/ directory;
  2. Start XO #1;
  3. Start XO #2;
  4. Create and share activity instance on XO #2;
  5. Neighborhood view on XO #1 doesn't show shared activity;
  6. Sharing activity on XO #1, is visible from XO #2.

In over words, XO #1 is not subscribed to PEP notifications from XO #2.


The only difference compared with the original mod_muc plugin is a workaround for the telepathy-gabble/Prosody issue.

This plugin should be used instead of mod_muc until the issue is fixed in telepathy-gabble or in Prosody.


To reuse sugar plugins, copy them to the directory with Prosody plugins. Or, install the prosody-sugar package from the Sweets Distribution repository.


See sugar-server-templates sources for a configuration example.

Getting involved

  • Report on bugs.
  • Read the HACKING file to know how to contribute with code.


  • Compare Prosody resources consumption with existing ejabberd.