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A set of configuration files and scripts to lint various sugar related code.

During execution, sugar-lint will lint:

  • python files by pylint (should be installed before) with custom configuration file and (comes with sugar-lint sources),
  • vala files by vala-indent (should be installed from
  • C/C++ files by indent command (should be installed)


Clone sugar-lint repository:

git clone git:// <install-path>
cd <install-path>
git submodule update --init

Add sugar-lint command to PATH e.g. to ~/.bashrc (you need to relogin):

echo PATH=<full-install-path>:$PATH >> ~/.bashrc


Direct invocation

To lint files:

sugar-lint <file>

To lint all files recursively:

sugar-lint -r .

If fails were detected, call diff command (by default vimdiff or DIFFER environment variable value) to diff the source file and temporary file with comments in problematic places:

sugar-lint -d <file>

Lint files before commiting

To add pre-commit git hook to lint files before commiting to arbitrary project:

ln -s <full-install-path>/sugar_lint/git-pre-commit-hook <project-root>/.git/hooks/pre-commit

Additional syntax in source files

Various sugar-lint related hints that could be used in source files.

Disable sugar-lint

To disable checks entirely for source file.

Python syntax:

# sugar-lint: disable

Vala syntax:

// sugar-lint: disable
/* sugar-lint: disable */

Ignore checks in Python sources

# pep8: ignore=code[,code]

Customize lint configuration

After cloning sugar-lint sources it contain default configuration files and configuration might be tuned to local need at any time. Configuration files are:

  • sugar_lint/pylintrc
    pylint config file;
  • sugar_lint/pep8rc config file;
  • sugar_lint/
    indent and vala-indent config file.

Getting involved

  • Read the HACKING file to know how to contribute with code.
  • Sugar Lint sources.