Preparing donated computers

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Preparing Donated Computers for Sugar on a Stick Usages

  1. Wipe the disk drive if the computer has a harddrive. We used DBAN it takes a while, generally about an hour, per computer. Thus it might be best to do this as they come in. Test by trying to boot. After the disk is wiped the computer should no longer boot Windows.
  2. Turn on the computer and go into the BIOS. Use this to record the CPU type and speed and RAM of the computer.
  3. Reset the BIOS to factory settings
  4. Set the BIOS to boot from USB, Floppy, CD, Harddrive if possible. - We may want to change that when we get an installable boot-helper we may want to install that on the hard drive.
  5. Run your Sugar on a Stick to give it a test. Be sure to test if Physics works. If you get wavy lines in Physics you need to have "nomodeset" there is a special version of the Helper CD you can use. (Curious about nomodeset?)

Hint: Want to learn more? Wikipedia has good articles on BIOS, CPU, RAM etc.