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Initial support to Gtk3 landed in 0.96, but is safer promote Gtk3 activities to sugar 0.98 and bigger.
  • listing: Activities Descriptions and Developer Pages
  • OLPC listings: Activities
  • Recursos_en_espanol Los siguientes recursos han sido creados por personal de distintos deployments de America Latina y otros colaboradores.
Activity Links ASLO site for downloading xx.xo files NEW
Activity Matrix Activities Table listing ASLO No.;Compatibility with Os version; Description etc. Activities by Number (with most old versions)
Activity Links sorted by Number as 0f 08/07/2011
Activity Information In Depth Development Team Release Modules
Activity_Library/Devel ASLO development information
Activity Team Resources bundled activities (paraguayeduca)
Test Matrix
Testing/Activity Test Table
olpc:Activities (OLPC Listings)
Tam Tam Resources
Materials for teachers of the Tam Tam Suite
  • Scratch
Relicensing to GPL2 soon:
  • GCompris GCompris-15 activity
Activities/GCompris Home Page Administration tool for GCompris activity (for Teachers)
Activities/GCompris Home Page ASLO link version 1.0 Linux rpm 1.2.xo (Latest)19-Mar-2011
Note For Latest Activity Testing and Compatibility see: Testing/Activity Test Table#Activity Test Results
  • Activities Index­Mirabell.ods (Included on DVD] OR (not being updated) (more recent than on current DVD-not being updated)
Open Office Spreadsheet showing .xo File Compatibility with Mirabelle and earlier versions of SoaS.
Note: You can sort it, as it is a spreadsheet!
How To remove an installed or Updated activity
  • This is for original activities or those updated through ControlPanel/Software-Update
Sugar terminal:
cd /usr/share/sugar/activities/
(note name of activity that is to be removed)
rm -rf ~ xxxxxx.activity
(Removes the activity-this is irreversible)
now an activity .xo file in the sugar journal with the same name (with a lower version number) will start
as an example: if you want to run Browse 112.xo downloaded from ASLO if Browse-120 is installed in sugar.
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