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Hosted on


Administrative contact

  • admin AT weblate DOT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.


User weblate
Home /home/weblate/weblate-docker



docker logs weblate-docker-weblate-1




443 HTTP server
8080 weblate docker container port



Upgrade Notes

Weblate has upgrade notes on upgrading the docker container.

Maintenance Notes

Weblate is maintained. (ibiam has step-up to be maint)


Important files and directories in the root directory, /home/weblate/weblate-docker.

Contains definitions for all the services and volumes used by weblate, which includes weblate, database and cache with volumes weblate-cache, weblate-data, postgres-data, redis-data. .

Contains environment variables used by container.


Create new Weblate translation component

  • Create new translation component in Weblate admin menu, Add new translation component;
  • Select Project, we currently have core-sugar and Sugar-Activities, core-sugar contains sugar core APIs.
  • Set version control system to GitHub pull request.
  • Set source code repository link - ssh links would be preferred -
  • Set repository branch.
  • Set File format gettext PO file, File mask po/*.po
  • Set Repository push URL to enable autoupdate of changes to Github from weblate.
  • Set Push branch to weblate-sync which would be used to create a PR.
  • On Github, add hook to activity repo as it's used for automated flow of updates to weblate.
  • Check license in activity repo matches Translation license selected by weblate or set to the right license.
  • Add all needed langs; when adding from Github, weblate automatically adds all the PO files and you'll only need to do this if the only PO file the activity has is the template PO file.


Weblate automatically pushes changes to Github when there's a change on weblate because of the Github pull request version control above and the Github configuration can be found in the environment file, the hooks configured in the repos make it easy for weblate to pull changes from Github.