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Sugar in Virtualization

Fedora Getting started with virtualization

  • Fedora's guide

Boxes in gnome3

  • virt manager included in fedora 20 gnome desktop
"A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems."


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scroll down in this page for RECOMMENDED Sugar Appliances

With VirtualBox® one can run Sugar in a window on Microsoft Windows, Intel-based Apple Macintosh, or Linux host computers from a virtual machine (VM) window. VirtualBox overview

replace OSE with Virtualbox and how to set up a USB-stick
Fedora f17 Additions
VirtualBox.pngSetup Mac to Autostart VirtualBox on startup
how to set it up
How to Clear ./sugar
  • When making a new VM, to clear the Sugar Journal of old entries and to avoid identity conflicts among copies of the VM, enter the command rm -rf ~/.sugar in the Terminal activity. Then shutdown the VM. This will clear all Learner information on the VM and let you start with a fresh install. Skipping this will result in collisions in the Neighborhood view of the Jabber network between separate copies of the appliance. Verify the presence of the .sugar directory by entering ls -a in Terminal.
  • When cloning a customized VM, in order to keep the Journal and installed .xo Activities, use rm -rf ~/.sugar/default/owner.key* in the Sugar Terminal, and then shutdown the VM. enter in root terminal:su (password) shutdown -h now This leaves the Journal entries and removes only the previous Learner's identity key files.
  • To clear the Sugar Journal:rm -rf ~/.sugar/default/datastore This may be needed if the Journal becomes clogged with too many entries. USE WITH CAUTION'

VirtualBox.png Tutorial on how to import a VirtualBox Appliance (tutorial)
  • Annotated screen-shots of an import

VirtualBox.png Cómo importar un aparato de VirtualBox

VirtualBox.png VirtualBox Soas V-7 Install (tutorial)
  • How to create your own VirtualBox Appliance from a CD or .iso file
VirtualBox.png Download VirtualBox Here
  • Licensing Information.
VirtualBox is released as GPL=> "Freely available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris x-86 platforms."
VirtualBox Extension Pack => "Free for Personal Use, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris x-86 platforms."
(Extension Pack is required for USB 2 Access.)
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Trisquel On A Sugar Toast

Older versions

Trisquel On A Sugar Toast/Virtual machines/Archive

Trisquel icon.png Trisquel-4.1-sugar

  • Sugar Desktop ONLY
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Sugar sweets 0.88.1

No Longer Available


Full GNOME Desktop plus Sugar 0.88.1
Debian Information
Updated 12/05/2010 includes activities Downloaded from ASLO as .xo files; and sugar-emulator.
Log in as sugar
8-GB VirtualBox hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)

No Longer Available


Full GNOME Desktop plus Sugar-0.88.0
Mandriva Information
Note Log into gnome desktop first to enable networking then start sugar-emulator
Log in as sugar
8-GB VirtualBox hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)

No Longer Available Info:

2010.2 free DVD Download
Mandriva_Linux_2010.1 Download
Mandriva 2010.1 Features
The Brazilian government education authority has selected Intel-powered classmate PCs running Mandriva Linux for educational use nationwide.

QEMU Virtualization

In Gnome terminal:
yum install @virtualization
Start (Graphical): Applications/System Tools/Virtual Machine Manager
  • installs soas.iso files to VM HD (with liveinst command in terminal of running Virtual Machine)

VMware Player Virtualization

click this link ^ for more details and examples
Updated 05/09/2013

Download VMware Player (free)

  • Requires java_script
requires registering first but free.
  • after download:
find file
  • change permissions
[X] Allow executing file as program
  • Install in root terminal:
  • Create Virtual Machine
Choose xxxx.iso file
  • Note for OpenSUSE enter "yast" in terminal and look for live installer
Navigate with <tab> and f10

Opensuse install in VMplayer.png

VMware Player Appliances

VMware Player 4.0 will now work with exported Virtual Box appliances