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Administrative transactions

Sugar Labs is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

accounts-payable AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org is the place to write if you’re asking Sugar Labs to send money to someone. This includes reimbursements for travel and other project expenses, contractor payments, payments for conference services, and so on.

accounts-receivable AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org is the place to write if Sugar Labs should expect to receive money from someone, or for customer service after they’ve sent Sugar Labs money. Write here if you want Sugar Labs to send an invoice to someone (including invoices after payment), to let Sugar Labs know about conference sponsorships, or to give Sugar Labs a heads-up about what an incoming check is for.

accounts-taxinfo AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org is the place to send tax documents like W-8BEN, W-9,

Request for payment

Some Sugar Labs projects have a budget (e.g., Google Summer of Code). Typically there is a project leader who has put together a budget that has been vetted by the Oversight Board (See #Project proposal approval). If you have incurred a project-related expense, please submit a copy of your receipt to accounts-payable AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org. along with a brief explanation of the expense. Please be sure to include reference to the specific project for which the expense applies.

Similarly, if you need to invoice Sugar Labs, please submit your invoice along with a reference to a project to accounts-payable AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org.

Please note that [finances] are routinely processed around the ides (15th) of each month. (Hence the latency in payments after approval can be up to 30 days.)

In order to expedite the process, please be sure to include documentation of your expenses: a receipt that shows the price of the purchase or some documentation from a third party (e.g., your credit card company) that shows the specific amount paid.

Also, please also include:

  • the reference to the board Transaction approval.
  • a brief paragraph explaining what was accomplished, e.g., what you did for the project during your travel.
  • How you'd liked to be reimbursed. The four payment options, in order of preference, are:
1. Issue you a check in USD from a USA bank, sent to you via post. For this option, we just need your postal address.
2. PayPal. For this, we need an email address that is valid for the Paypal account be paid.
3. Wire the amount in your local currency to your bank account in your country. For this option, we need all of the following information:
For USA, ACH routing number for incoming payments.
Bank Name
Bank Address
Account Number
Full Name of the Account Holder
Full Address of Account Holder
IBAN (if available, mandatory for Europe)
Preferred Currency
4. Issue you a check in your local currency, sent to you via post. For this option, we just need your postal address and what currency you want.

Project proposal approval

If you are applying for a grant proposal and wish to include Sugar Labs as a partner, it is necessary to run your draft proposal text by the Executive Director to make sure that it is within the bounds of the Sugar Labs, Inc. mission. Please send a draft slobs AT DOT org two weeks before the proposal is due in order to allow time for review and feedback.

License request

The Sugar Labs trademark policy describes the various marks and conditions of usage that are held by Sugar Labs, Inc.. If you are interested in using a Sugar Labs trademark, please contact with the following information:

  • a list of which marks are desired to be licensed, along with a full description of how they will be used;
  • a description of the current use of any Sugar Labs marks;
  • a list of any individuals or corporations that will be participating in the proposed use of the mark;
  • a list of any Sugar Labs community members with whom you are currently working;
  • information for a primary contact person, including email address and phone number.

Initial contact will be made within two weeks of receipt of a request.

Tax receipt request

Please contact Sugar Labs regarding tax receipts for donations made to Sugar Labs at accounts-receivable AT tix DOT sugarlabs DOT org.