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The Sugar community has regular meetings. We use Sugar Labs meetings public calendar within the Google Calendar system. The calendar is available in a variety of formats: XML.gif ICal.gif HTML.gif.

Sugar Labs meetings are held on IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

There are many ways to use IRC, such as downloading the ChatZilla add-on for the FireFox web browser.

  1. You'll have to restart Firefox as part of the process of installing ChatZilla.
  2. Once the add on is installed, you open it from the Firefox Tools menu.
  3. A separate ChatZilla window will be opened.
  4. Click "freenode" in the list of available networks. (It will take a few seconds to connect.)
  5. Join a channel, e.g., sugar or sugar-meeting, from the Join-channel option under the IRC menu. (Ctrl-j is a keyboard shortcut for joining a channel.)

You will now see a list of people (listed in the left pane of the window) in the chat room. Say "Hello" (by typing in the field at the bottom of the window) and join the conversation! (Feel free to ask questions or make comments—someone is bound to notice and then direct you a relevant person's "nick" to whom you can direct your questions.)

  • The Sugar channel is active 24/7 although even developers sleep on occasion.
  • The Sugar-meetings channel is for scheduled meetings.

For more information, see Sugar Labs/Communication channels.