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Sugar Network UI targeting to content creators and providers, e.g., activity developers or deployment supporters. As well as users who need full-featured access to the Sugar Network.

Contributor Hub is designed to be a pure JS application to support as many as possible major platforms (including mobile ones) to run Hub as a local application. Besides, it will be possible to distribute Hub as a regular Web application.

Try it

To start using Contributor Hub on regular basis, try:

  • Recent development version with administrative privileges for anonymous users;
  • Recent stable version synchronized with the Activity Library and assumed to be used for testing in the field with anonymous access restricted only for read operations.

Or, look for another distribution options.

From development environment, clone sources and open index.html in a Web browser. Note that by default, index.html will fail (Server-sent events doesn't support Cross-origin resource sharing). So, disable security checks in your browser, e.g., run Google Chrome with --disable-web-security command-line argument.



Clone source repository from Gitorious:

git clone git:// --recurse-submodules

Getting involved

  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Browse our implementation discussions, and post your feedback. (You should join this discussion list in order to avoid having your messages postponed for moderation.)