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This page is under active construction at this time. Please check back shortly for updated information.
- Updated Aug 18, 2012

Sugar Network annotated screenshots

Info and How to install Sugar Network (SN)

How to install on XO-1 and XO-1.5
Tested on XO-1.5
  • To Upgrade XO-1.5 to SN 0.5 software:
yum update
Harmonic Distribution
Sweets Distribution#Installation
Sweets Distribution/Manual Installation
Sweets Distribution/Testing With instuctions on updating sweets-distribution
Sugar Network Activities Listing of On-Line SN Activities by page

Check for Updates Often

Maybe even daily; as SN is a rapidly being developed.

Caution Do Not Use My Settings/Software update

As you may download Activity updates that are not compatable with SN

Alternate Method for Activity Installation

  • Note: This will correct for loss of the activity if Cresent ("Moon") and ("star") icons are uncolored by mistake *.
* Doing this will erase the activity and an Activity.xo downloaded from sugar-browse will not start in SN-Factory
  • Running Ubuntu 11.04 (Trisquel 5.5)
  1. Download new Activity.xo file from ASLO to the desktop - with SN not running
  2. Or Copy the Activity.xo from a CD/DVD or USB to the desktop
  3. Extract the .xo file with "Archive Manager" to Activities from the desktop
  4. New activity will be on inside end of (f3) Home View activity spiral
And will appear when the Circle with 3 circles inside Icon on left end of SN Top bar is not colored - Offline Mode

Upgrading Sugar-Network

  • Ubuntu (Trisquel 5.5)
sudo su
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
sweets-distribution status
sweets-distribution sync

Home view for Sugar Network (F3 key)

  • Home view
Hover over central XO avatar to get drop-down menu


Sweets Distribution in "My Settings"

Sweets Distribution

  • Click on Sweets Distribution Icon
(Currently a grey circle as Sweets-Distribution Icon has not been approved)

My Settings.png

  • Check [x]Sugar Network Integration
  • Reboot Computer after selecting Sugar Network Integration
You may be unable to Connect to Activites if you do not
Screen in Ubuntu (Trisquel 5.5)
(Sweets-distribution 11.04 Factory)

Sweet Distribution.png

Screen in XO-1.5 1
(Hexokinase Factory Sugar 0.94.1
  • Restart XO-1.5 after yum update if updating to SN-0.5
  • Check [x] Sweets-Desktop is Default Sugar-Session
  • Check [x] Sugar Network Integration

Sweet Distribution-XO.png


  • New

Internet Proxy.png


  • for 3G Modems

Modem Configuration.png

Neighborhood view for Sugar Network (F1 key)

  • Neighborhood view can also be accessed from the far left icon on the Sugar Frame (see next screenshot).
  • Note many more XO avatars than are present on
Grey (no color) XO avatars seem to have incomplete information on the server.


Access Activities with SN button on Frame

  • Move the mouse pointer to a corner of the screen/window to activate the Frame. Wait a couple of seconds for it to appear.
  • Click on the SN button to access SN Activities.
The F8 key is an alternate way to access SN Activities.


SN Activities

  • There are 2 sets of Activities available:
  1. Off-line Mode (see Below)
Locally stored Activities
  1. On-Line Mode (see Below)
Downloaded from the Internet

OFF Line mode

  • Left SN Icon on top bar not colored (Circle with 3 smaller circles inside of it)
  • Screen 1 of 16 pages, (92 Activities)
  • Clicking on the Activity Icon will start it.
  • Note extra buttons that appear when cursor is over activity:
 (?)               questions            (Box with Tail)      review
 (Lightning bolt)  ideas                ( 0 )                (future use not working)
 (!)               problems             (Horizontal Grid)    View All Resources
Use them to report, or ask questions, about the on activity's behaviour.
  • This will only happen when SN is On line Mode.
Off-line reports are disabled

SN-0.3 Offline.png

ON Line mode

  • When Selected the left SN Icon is Colored ( Circle with 3 smaller circles inside)
  • Screen 1 of 11 pages, (66 Activities)


  • The pointer is on the Selection Drop-Down Menu

Note: Clicking on the "(" moon icon will copy the remote Activity bundle to the local system, thus it will be accessible from the Home view. If the 'star' icon is set, it will appear in the Favorites view of Home. Deselect "(" moon icon to remove it from the local system; unset the 'star' icon to remove it from the Favorites view.

Browse Resources

  • Selected from the (Horizontal Grid) icon on the top bar
Cursor is pointing to it
  • The icons on the right side of the top grey bar are used to filter the view of the resources by clicking the icons:
 (?)                questions
 (Lightning bolt)   ideas              
 (!)                problems 
 (Box with Tail)    review
 ( 0 )              (future use not working)
 (Horizontal Grid)  ALL
  • Click on the top bar Icon with Grid to return to Activities Screen



Note: Enter the name of the Activity you want in the Search box (_______) on the tool bar of page to find it quickly

  • For Details on Search - It can be Complex --"walter"
Object model for the Sugar Network API - File:Sugar-Network-diagram.png