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Begin by reviewing the navigation bar on the far left of every page of this wiki. Each section with a triangle ▸ will expand ▾ to reveal common destinations.

View wiki categories

Many of the pages on this wiki are tagged at the bottom of the page with "Category:" or "Categories:". (A list of all the categories and the number of pages in each category is available at Categories.)

For example, look at the foot of this page: it has the tag Help. If you click on the tag, it will take you to an index of all other pages tagged Help.
You can see all the pages tagged 'FAQ' by following this link Category:FAQ, which takes you to an index of all of the FAQ pages. There is a link on each FAQ page for asking new questions.
Similarly, Category:Help shows pages tagged as 'Help', and Category:HowTo shows pages tagged as 'HowTo'.

Review Sugar Labs FAQs

There is a compilation of frequently asked questions (FAQs) indexed by category.

Discover the undiscoverable

We have tried hard to make it easy for children to discover what they can do with Sugar software without being told. But that isn't always possible. So on The Undiscoverable page we have a list of things that teachers should know about, and be able to demonstrate. If you find some feature of the software incomprehensible, please add it to the list, and we will see what we can do for you and everybody else who runs into the same problem. Sometimes the answer is a click of the mouse away, but not always. We are, after all, introducing children to all of human knowledge. They will inevitably need help with much of it. It took all of our ancestors many years to get this far, so it is alright if children spend a few years hitting the highlights, and getting help to do it.

OLPC Project Help and Information

OLPC represents by far the largest Sugar deployments. For general help and information about the OLPC Project, please see these links at the OLPC Wiki:

Sugar glossary

There is a glossary with commonly used acronyms available here.

Communication and Forums

(See Sugar Labs/Communication channels for more details.)
This chat room starts in your browser. (Notice that Chat is on the top navigation bar of all pages of this wiki.)

Sugar Labs infrastructure

Former help sites

On these sites, you can find the description of some old problems, but they are no longer maintained by the Sugar Labs community:

Request help

If you have not found the answer you need here, try Request help.