Sugar on a Stick/Installation Process

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Installing Sugar on a Stick with UNetbootin

  1. In order to install Sugar on a Stick using UNetbootin, it's recommended that the USB device be empty.
  2. Everything in the Sugar Journal will be lost on shutdown. There is no persistent storage with this installation method.
    See Sugar on a Stick/Installation for more complete installation methods and instructions.
Because Activities and documents are not saved between different boots with this installation method, it is recommended mainly for a quick demo of the Sugar Learning Environment, but not for regular use.

Required software

Installation process

  • 1. Execute UNetbootin and select the option "Diskimage".
Step1 en.png

  • 2. Search for the downloaded iso file of Sugar on a Stick.
Step2 en.png

  • 3. In Type:, be sure that you have selected USB Drive.
Step3 en.png

  • 4. Select the target USB device and click on "OK".
Step4 en.png

  • 5. Wait until UNetbootin copies the files.
Step5 en.png

  • 6. Then you're done!! If you would like to restart the computer in order to boot from the USB device, click on "Reboot Now", else click on Exit.
Step6 en.png