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SweetProxy an editorial whitelist by parents

SweetProxy is a web service to be developed for Google Application Engine. Programming language is python.

It offers an interface for (registered) editors to add and delete entries and a simple validating functions offering 0 or 1, no and yes for requested domains. It may be used as an external service for squid and may be incorporated to activities with internet access as well.


In Germany most kids do not have someone to guide their first steps in the internet. Parents are often simply swamped by their kids using the internet. Some of them are still happy it simply works and do not care about virus defense or inadequate content. Also teachers sometimes expose children to dangerous content. There is a quality whitelist in Germany operated by FragFinn.de unfortunately it is nit free and can be used only with hardware (special routers) or on windows PC's. Even it is sponsored and supported by the ministry of family there is now way to use it in open source environments.


A web service parents, educators and teachers may register to. It will be organized as some kind of ring-of-trust. Registered users may add, change or delete entries to the whitelist. Comments are published in some kind of portal as a reference for interested persons.


Contributors are welcome! My software developing periods ended some ten years ago and - despite trying - it is really hard work for me to catch up ... please contact me if interested in contributing to this project.

This is a sugarlabs Berlin project.