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Touch things to fix and keep an eye on

This is a rough brain dump of things to watch out for, will move this out onto other pages where appropriate:

  • Test UI at lower resolution
    • Portrait will be used more than it currently once we have touch only HW
    • Need to minimise toolbar overflows and improve touch experience when it does happen
  • Palette behaviours
    • Hover/right click
    • Clarify any primary button actions
  • Keyboard shortcut usage
    • Need any replacements using extra buttons/gestures?
    • Screen display backlight brightness/monochrome behaviour - probably best resolved with a brightness/display device icon & palette as per the volume device
    • Hiding keyboard accelerator hints when booting touch only hardware?
  • Right click
    • Touch and hold gesture
  • Prelight effects are usually for reinforcing UI interaction during a cursor movement/hover. For touch, should it be used to indicate a widget is being held down, or remove prelight effect?
  • Hover hints/tips
  • Double tap interaction
    • Make much more accommodating to second tap inaccuracy
  • Tune cursor touch point to just below top edge of contact point (based on screen rotation)
  • Maximise home view icon size layout
  • Widget size usability
    • Button spacing
    • Palette menu spacing
    • Size of hspan/vspan separator, gtk3 default looking a little better, GtkPaned
    • Check boxes to on/off slider GtkSwitch
    • 8-10mm diameter hit targets
    • Up/down menu overflow scroll widgets too short
  • Remove primary action from Neighbourhood view AP/ad-hoc widgets
  • Double tap tuning to allow for errors in 2nd tap positioning
  • Canvas drag scrolling
  • XO 1.75 hard edge bezel?
  • Screen rotation much more common/frequent on tablet format HW
    • Landscape
    • Portrait
      • Better for long form reading/writing
      • Better use of space with on screen keyboard
  • Text selection touch features
    • Touch friendly handles for adjusting selection
    • Drag scrolling vs. text selection interaction
      • Double tap and drag to initiate selection?
      • Touch and hold, then drag to initiate selection?
    • New pop-up palette?
      • Cut/copy/paste
      • Speak
      • Share with friend (would require a clipboard clipping share enhancement)