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Edited session of #sugar IRC session where a 12 year old is helped in upgrading her XO-1 to the latest software.

<child>how can i up grade my sestem cuz my sugar is 0.84.16 i need 0.86.00 atleast please please PLEASE!!!!!!
you can find instructions on
<child> ok
<child> how do i get flash  toooo plz
try to search on (I don't use flash)
<child> well i want to play facebook games describes how to install the Adobe Flash player on an XO, assuming the XO has a recent version of software on it.
<child> how do i upgrade from a 0.84.16 into a 86 or high or
ah, i have instructions for that, standby.
you have an OLPC XO-1 with Sugar 0.84.16, right?  If so, ... just that section, stop before the word Update.
the instructions presume that you don't mind losing any data you have on the laptop.  if that's a problem, you could save the data to a USB drive first.
<child> thanks and anytips cuz i am only 12
the best tip i can give you is that every word in those instructions is important, we try to remove words that are unimportant.  so don't skip anything unless you are really sure.
can you open Browse and get to Google?
google for ... olpc 11.2.0 release notes installation
<child>  ok i am on google
that will take you to the same page.
(the first hit in google for those five words)
then you'll see a table of contents, click on the installation section 3.2, for XO-1
<child>  ok i got i them wat do i read
i guess i need to make sure of a few things first ... do you mind losing anything saved on the laptop?
<child>  no
okay, next thing is do you have a USB drive that you can plug in?
how big is it?  GB?
<child>  8 gb
that's good.  and you only have an OLPC XO-1 to do this on, no other computer, right?
('cause there's something special to do if that's the situation)
okay, plug in the USB drive to the XO.  Then you gotta start Terminal.  And I'll get you to cut and paste a few commands into Terminal.
<child>  how do i cut and past
(for others here, i'm going to explain how to download the new build file directly to the USB drive,
 since Sugar and Browse would otherwise require more space for the download in the journal than would be available).
It depends.  You're talking to us in Chat activity or in Browse?
<child>  i hav the irc as an activity
okay, the IRC activity, good.  I think you drag the mouse over words.  And then Ctrl/C.  I'll test.

okay, here's how to cut and paste from irc to terminal.
first, highlight the words in irc, here's the words between the quotes " cd /media/* && wget "
then press Control/C then switch to Terminal, then press Shift/Control/V
then press enter and it will start to download.
it will tell you on the far right how long it thinks it will take to download.
<child>  it is doing it
great, how long does it think it will take?
(mine says "eta 1h 53m" which means one hour and 53 minutes)
so the wget command is doing the first download, the big one.  after that there's another one to do, which is very small, then changing a file name, then it's nearly ready to install.
okay, you see the wget command?  there's a way to change that command so that it grabs some of the file now and some another time.
it's called the continue mode.  so if you have to shutdown ...
" cd /media/* && wget --continue "
will resume from where it left off.
when does terminal say it will finish this big download?
<child>  up to 40
that's annoying.  have you any way to write down or save instructions for next time?  or do you want to drop in here tomorrow to finish it off?
<child>  i'll right it down
write down the web page address or save it in bookmarks.
next, write down that you are half way through "Download os874.img" step.
and that you need to use the " --continue " method to resume next time you talk to an expert.
<child>  wat is the continu method
 " cd /media/* && wget --continue " 
what it means is that you can resume the download from where you left off, so if it has done 35 minutes out of 40, tomorrow you will only need 5 minutes.
but still, i think you'll need another chat here to finish up.  i guess maybe half an hour.
<child>  wat
please type more in your question?
<child>  wat were u talkin about
i was talking about what you should write down to make it easier to finish doing the upgrade tomorrow or another day.
so just to make a summary ... you are in the middle of downloading the big file, then we gotta download the small file,
change the name of it, then you're set to do the install.  after install you will    need  to connect to internet again, and download the irc activity.
so you know how to do those last two steps without help?
<child>  no not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how did they happen before?  did someone else do them for you?
<child>  no i never hav updated
they must have been done for you between the first update and when you got the laptop.
<child>  ya
hmm.  well, does your house have internet?
<child>  ya i am on it now
so your laptop remembers your house has internet.  after wiping it the laptop will have forgotten.  so you have to figure out how you get to the internet afterwards.
normally you just click on a circle in the main view, the key on the keyboard with many dots on it, above the w and 2 keys.
but don't do this now.
clicking on the circle in the main view at the moment will disrupt the download.
<child>  ok
but you can use the keyboard key to switch to that view and switch back to the activity.  you use those keys normally?
or, if you use the frame key (top right corner), you can hover the mouse over the wireless icon (a circle with semicircles around it), to find out how you are connected.
like i did the first time
<child>  WOW u r helpfull
i want you to tell me when the download is finished, and i'll get you to cut and paste a special command that checks the download worked.
<child>  ok it is
okay, cut and paste this ... "   md5sum os874.img   "
and then press enter.
it will sit for a bit, then should say e629c1bf071c873e00248663cf70fd25 ... just check the first few letters and the last letters.
<child>  ok hang on
next cut and paste is a bit longer, let me know when you've checked the letters and numbers.
<child>  it is sitting
the sitting wait ... is because it is reading the file back off the USB drive just to check it, shouldn't take long.
between a minute or three, depending on how expensive the USB drive is.
<child>  ok it is correct
good, here's the next long command ...
 "    wget --continue && mv && md5sum    " 
<child>  do u know them or do u look off  peeice of paper
what this does is download the second file, change the name, and check the numbers.
the numbers?  i have them written down in a file on a computer, so i check them there.  i also ran the same md5sum command to check.
it's like saying "yes, this file is exactly right."
<child>  ok it  is done
the numbers should be 151df8c344c1ba6a7938d74d89c21cf9
<child>  it is
good, you have the downloads done on the USB drive.
<child>  ok wats next
now, do you know how to install IRC?  i should let you see that first.  because you are going to have to do it AFTER.
<child>  ok so i get irc the same way i did right
thing is, you have the IRC activity running now, but it won't be on the laptop after the install is done.
so you have to go get it after the install is done.
so to see how to do that, Browse, click on Activities, search for IRC.
<child>  that is how i got it first
<child>  so the instalation is how
okay, then it's time to try the installing.  here's how to do it.
1.  with the laptop powered off, and the battery in place, and connected to power, hold down all four game keys (that's the keys above the power button),
2.  then turn on the laptop,
3.  then wait for "Release the game keys to continue", and releae the keys,
4.  then wait for five minutes while it installs,
5.  then it should reboot automatically.
<child>  um i dont hav the barttery
Where is it?
<child>  it broke
<child>  so  i just pug it in
That means if you have a blackout during the install you have to start it again.
Otherwise it should not be much of a problem.  You can buy new ones by the way.
<child>  i know has new ones, i think.
<child>  ok is it free
no, $30.  ouch.
<child>  that aint bad the ones at walmart r 70
how is the battery broke?  won't fit?  thrown away?
<child>  it wont hold a charge at all!!!!
ah, okay, i'm familiar with that problem, if you have the serial number of the battery i can check to see if it's the batch that has the problem.
<child>  ok i am gona do  th instalation wait 5mkns plz brb ok here the number is 0082110422411000xxxx
okay, that battery should not have that problem.  008 was a good starting number.
when you've done the install, another day, i can help you test the battery further.  i've a few ideas.
there are tricks to convince the laptop to try harder.
so give the install a try.
<child>  ok i will now
i hope it works.  i've done hundreds.
 <child>  ok brb
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i think we need a "download a build to a USB drive" activity.  i should do that.
(satellit_)I have a copy of this in x-chat...It should be in the wiki (edited) as a page on how to do this
feel free