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liveusb-creator install to a USB-Stick

  • Insert cat-5 wired network cable.
  • NOTE: The same Method works with f16 SoaS

Download .iso

  • burn CD from Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso file on a Linux Desktop.

Prepare USB-sticks

1-) Target USB-stick
On a linux Desktop.
Format the USB-stick using Disk Utility a 2 GB USB-stick as" fat 16 label="LIVE"
Use later after the USB -stick Duplicator is finished to feed it as a Target USB-stick.
2-) USB stick Duplicator
On a linux Desktop.
Format the USB-stick using Disk Utility a 2 partition, 8 GB USB-stick; Partition 1: 3GB fat 16 label="LIVE" (/dev/sdb1); Partition 2: 5 GB fat 32 Label="MyFiles" (/dev/sdc1)
  • Copy the Fedora-17-soas.iso; and Fedora-16-soas.iso into the "My Files" partition when the USB is Mounted on a linux desktop.
It will appear as a USB labeled MyFiles on the Desktop when inserted.
  • These .iso files will be selected by Fedora LiveUSB Creator GUI as 'Use existing Live CD" [Browse] select as follows: Computer/ (click on /') /Media/MyFiles

Boot Live CD

  • CD burned from Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso file on a Linux Desktop.
  • Sugar Starts; set name and color; goes to (f3) Home screen.
  • Start sugar-terminal;
Change to root terminal - icon on right side of top Bar of sugar-terminal: [#_ ]
yum install liveusb-creator
files are downloaded from rawhide repo
Files Installed
  • Still in root terminal#

Fedora LiveUSB Creator GUI starts

Liveusb-creator-on Live-USB writing another Live-USB.JPG

In the Fedora LiveUSB Creator GUI

  • (Browse) select: computer/media/MyFiles/Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso
GUI Window will indicate "Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso selected
  • (Target Device) Select the correct USB -Created in the Section above (2 GB USB fat16 label="LIVE")
Hint unplug the target USB disk and Reinsert it you will see it disappear and reappear in the Target Device window and/or in it's drop down menu.
  • (Persistence Storage) to 1765 MB
Do not use more than this or the install will fail (fat maximum size)
  • [Create Live USB disk)
In window a message: "warning may need to use command "liveusb-creator --reset-mbr: option"
Install proceeds
Complete! (0.08:46)
  • hit mouse right button (close) to exit as liveusb-creator GUI has no X button on the window to exit.
  • exit sugar terminal - Hex icon with black square center located on right top corner of terminal window.
  • Shut Down SoaS CD - (f3) Home view - Drop down window when you hover over the XO central Avatar.

Boot new live 2 partition USB disk

  • Boots Sugar from this new Live USB disk.
If you install liveusb-creator from root terminal on this USB
This SoaS-v7 2 partition Live USB disk can be used as a Duplicator
The .iso file is located On the 2nd Partition of the USB stick: computer/media/MyFiles/Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso is ready to use with liveusb-creator

dd img Boot Tests in MacBook Pro i7

4-GB firefly USB disk formatted to fat 16 formatted usb disk (not lba) in gparted prior to dd write


root terminal#
dd if=Soas_Coconuts.img of=/dev/sdc bs=2M
956+0 records in
956+0 records out
2004877312 bytes (2.0 GB) copied, 414.457 s, 4.8 MB/s
  • Boots my Mac Pro as EFI but fails:
Drops to a debug shell
can's access tty: job control turned off

2-)soas-v6-i686.img Testing/Reports/Sugar on a Stick#dd_writable_2GB_USB_Soas-v6-Pineapple-USB_.img

root terminal#
dd if=soas-v6-i686.img of=/dev/sdc bs=2M
954+0 records in
954+0 records out
*2000683008 bytes (2.0 GB) copied, 490.293 s, 4.1 MB/s
  • No EFI USB boot shown on Mac
  • Note: this should be x68-64 version for EFI, I think.
  • Boots on ACER ASPIR ONE N450 fine


Testing/Reports/Sugar on a Stick#dd_writable_1_GB_EFI_Boot_.28MAC.29_USB_Soas-v5-Coconut-USB_.img

  • Boots Fine
requires a cat5 wired connection; wireless does not work (it is a Mac!)