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Trisquel icon.png Trisquel-Gnome-sugar 4.5 Release Candidate

trisquel 4.5 Download
XChat; sweets-sugar 0.88.1; surf115-xo; updated; cleared of identity; autostart
password sugaruser
  • "Free Distibution"
  • Ubuntu 10.10 based
  • Trisquel 4.5 RC VirtualBox 4.0.4 appliance
Download and Import these files:

Trisquel logo.pngTrisquel41_sugar INSTALLER ISOCD.png

Revised 03/02/2011 to remove sugar identity
  • click above link^ to download 1.2GB DVD which contains
32bit-VirtualBox Installers (OSE) (Directory with install files for VirtualBox 4.0.4)
(Does not include Free for Personal Use licensed extension pack) - includes instructions on how to download them for personal use.
ReadMeFirst_Install_Instructions.pdf  (Instructions-how to install VirtualBox and import appliance)
UserManual.pdf (VirtualBox 4.0.4 User Manual-269 pages)
Instructions and .vmdk/.ovf files to import
  • Cleared of sugar identity Starts on Color Selection Screen ( <===(back) to change name)

Trisquel icon.pngTrisquel-4.1-sugar

(click this ^ link for details)
  • Sugar sweets 0.88.1
    NEW: 02/18/2011 2nd Beta Version with application fixes
  • Cleared of sugar identity Starts on Color Selection Screen ( <===(back) to change name) 03/02/2011

Trisquel icon.pngTrisquel-4.0.1-Gnome-sugar

(click this ^ link for details)
  • Updated 12/23/2010

Trisquel icon.pngTrisquel-3-sugar

(click this ^ link for details)
  • 20 new applications were installed by CP/software update