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Note: The contents of this section have been transcluded from another page, [[{{{1}}}]]:



The purpose of this template is to reveal those sections of pages that come from transcluded pages. Pages using this template will be included in the Category:Page with transclusion and will display the contents of the transcluded page in a lightyellow color as a reminder of its off-page source.


The template takes 1 required,

  1. wiki page title
    • Enter the local wiki page title (or interwiki prefix:remote title, if interwiki transclusion is allowed by the administrators).

and 4 optional parameters:

  1. collapsed
    • Default: (empty string) - This shows the transcluded page.
    • Enter collapsed=mw-collapsed to have the transcluded page collapsed on page load (if javascript is enabled).
  2. note
    • Default: <small>'''Note:''' The contents of this section have been transcluded from another page, [[{{{1}}}]]:</small>
    • You may enter any text, which will be displayed before the transclusion in place of the default.
  3. heading
    • Default: (empty string) - This shows the page title heading above the transclusion (by means of this wikicode, <h1>[[{{{1}}}]]</h1>.
    • Entering any non-whitespace text will be used with the {{#if: parser function to replace the default page title heading with another block of introductory text.
    • To hide the page title header, enter <nowiki></nowiki>.
  4. olpc
    • Default: (empty string) - no effect.
    • Entering any non-whitespace text will be used with the {{#if: parser function to bring in the OLPC Wiki logo image ahead of the transclusion.

Example syntax:

{{Transclude|the transcluded wiki page|note=|heading=optional introductory text|collapsed=mw-collapsed}}

The example wiki text below produces this transclusion:

{{Transclude|olpc:Community Jabber Servers|olpc=1}}
Note: The contents of this section have been transcluded from another page, olpc:Community Jabber Servers:

olpc:Community Jabber Servers

   Jabber: | Community Jabber Servers | Run a Jabber Server | Category:Jabber


What is a Jabber Server

A (specially configured) jabber server is used to allow multiple XOs/Sugar instances to connect and collaborate remotely. Imagine that a school in Peru and a school in Canada wanted to collaborate via their XOs. The mesh network doesn't stretch that far, but the two schools could use a Jabber server to communicate.

The non-sugarlabs.org servers might serve specific geographic regions or other groups.

To set up your own community or private server, see: Run your own jabber server.

Community Server Directory

If you want to publicize your server, please list it below. In "community", specify who should use this server - be as specific as possible. Please add a sysadmin contact email address so we can bug you when it's down...

Community Servers
server name community comments sysadmin contact
jabber.sugarlabs.org developers, testers, latest Sugar version users default collaboration server for Sugar on a Stick, but also a development installation undergoing changes jabber AT sugarlabs DOT org systems@lists.sugarlabs.org http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/jabber
orcalab.net Open to all Various transports, located in Germany xmpp@blackonion.org
potter-pod.no-ip.biz Richmond, VA. (any)
xmppcomm.com Open to All Ukrainian server. Supports jabber domain hosting JID: jadm@xmppcomm.com, E-mail: jadm@xmppcomm.com
im.it-native.de Open to All German Server. MUC and Webinterface aviable. JID: Arsimael@im.it-native.de
is-a-furry.org Open to All MUC and Multilingual Webinterface available. JID: Arsimael@is-a-furry.org

Connecting to a community jabber server

In Sugar, click on the centre icon, then My Settings, Network, and change the Server.


  • If the template is entered after a formatted indent such as *, #, :, the surrounding division frame will not capture the actual transclusion.