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N.B. Langpacks are not currently available

New languages can be easily added by following the steps below.

  • First download the setup file for your langpack from pootle
    • You can download directly in XO or copy it from your computer to your XO.
  • After this open terminal(I prefer virtual terminal by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F2).
  • Run the setup file with sudo.
  • After this open the file /usr/share/sugar/extensions/cpsection/language/ for edit.
  • Under the function read_all_languages() you'll find some lines like "locales.append(('Pashto','Afganistan','ps_AF.utf8'))
  • Add similar line for your language. For Hindi it would be locales.append(('Hindi','India','hi_HI.utf8'))
    • Note that 'Hindi' and 'India' can be anything you want it to be displayed in language drop down menu. 'hi_HI.utf8' must be the correct code for your langpack.
  • Now save the file and restart sugar.
  • You should find your new language in settings -> Language.