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2011 September report:


  1. Pootle will be used for source-code and activities.
  2. The Google Translation templates will be deployed as widely as possible on the wiki. While these machine translations provide a limited (but significant) number of languages, they have the advantage of always be as current as the wiki page itself and even with the problems inherent in the quality of machine translations, they are generally *good enough* for basic comprehension.
  3. A certain (small) subset of pages truly require a careful human translation because they contain instructions for installing or downloading our tools and the consequences of getting it wrong are very high or likely to discourage use of Sugar if the instructions are not clear and accessible.

For these "high-value" pages, providing a means for high-quality human translations is worth the effort. There are several possible approaches.

Flow1 static HTML and Pootle


Flow2 Wiki-templates

Experience shows that the use of the wiki templates for translating pages in place on the wiki suffers from a number of significant problems.

  1. Pages fall out of synchrony, leading to bad information that nonetheless appears current.
  2. Localizers are not necessarily high-volume wiki-editors (whereas they do congregate around Pootle and are generally familiar with it's use).
  3. The existing templates (e.g. those currently employed on wiki.l.o) are very difficult to understand and use.