Tutorials/Installation/Burn a CD.iso on a Mac

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Burning a Live CD from an .iso on a MAC

  • Click on the CD.iso
In this case a trisquel-sugar_5.0_i686-20111204.iso was downloaded to the desktop.
2-button mouse: Right click: Open with DiskImageMounter.app.
  • Or if you have an Apple single button mouse:
Double-Click on the trisquel-sugar_5.0_i686-20111204.iso

Open with.JPG

A mounted drive will appear on the desktop.
The pointer in this screenshot is hovering over it.

Select iso.JPG

  • Move the pointer to the bottom of screen until a pop-up menu bar appears.
Open the folder Applications and the folder Utilities inside it. Select the 'Diskutility.app.
  • In the Open Disk Utility
Select the mounted trisquel-sugar_5.0_i686-20111204.iso in Disk Utility.
In blue in the following screenshot
  • Insert unused CD in Mac Slot.
  • Click on Burn on the Disk Utility top bar. (Disc with yellow and black sectors)
The pointer in this screen shot is pointing to it.

Disk Utility.JPG

The CD burns, is verified, and ejected.
  • This Live CD will boot on a PC and a MAC.
  • For A Mac Boot from this CD:
  • Insert CD
Hold down the C key as you press the power button and hold it until the CD Boots
This may take 10-30 seconds to occur.
  • NOTE: No Network connection seems to be possible with the Mac Hardware. (Wireless or wired)
A D-Link DWL USB Wireless Adapter (Dongle) will work on the Trisquel 5 Sugar CD if inserted after boot. (This is very unreliable.)