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NOTE f23-and-f24 the liveusb-creator interface has changed


<--- Show the New liveusb-creator interface: Fedora_Media_Writer

Installing and using the Fedora liveusb-creator

insert CD in CD/DVD drive
write to USB with dd and boot from it
  • Boot Sugar
  • Start the Sugar Terminal Activity from the Home view.


  • Install liveusb-creator from root user Terminal.


  • Install files.


  • liveusb-creator running in Sugar after launch from Terminal.
Note the command that started it in the Terminal command line.
Target Device shows inserted USB stick.
Note: Stick should be formatted fat-16/32 and labelled LIVE (IN CAPS)
Persistent Storage is set by sliding pointer.
Do not use more than 2047 MB as the target USB stick file system is fat formatted and the maximum size is limited.


  • liveusb-creator downloading an .iso file
from the Download Fedora drop down menu
after Create Live USB is clicked with mouse
  • You can alternatively click Browse and select a different Fedora.iso to install.
It must have been downloaded to sugar prior to this step

6 DL.png

  • Congratulations you have just built a Sugar Live USB device.
  • To exit: right-click on top right corner of liveusb-creator
A pop-up window will allow you to close it.
  • Exit Sugar and reboot from the new Live USB device.

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