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Thanks to all participants of eduJAM! 2011 (5-7 May 2011) // Gracias a todos los participantes del eduJAM! 2011 (5-7 Mayo 2011) Edujam-final.jpg

Summit page // Página del evento

Photos of the summit / Fotos del encuentro



Press/blogosphere // Prensa/blogósfera

After event // Luego del evento:

During eduJAM! 2011, Conozco Uruguay Tour & Sugar Code Sprint

Before event // Antes del evento:


Attendees - Please add info & link adresses // Asistentes - Por favor agreguen info & link


  • María Abramovich
  • Cynthia Casal
  • Martin Langhoff, Argentina/Miami
  • Alvar Maciel
  • Laura Manolakis
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Manuel Quiñones
  • Lucía Zanone


  • Christoph Derndorfer, Vienna/Madrid


  • Vladimir Castro Salas, Bolivia/Perú



  • Rafael Ortiz, Colombia
  • Bianca Suárez

El Salvador:

  • Douglas Cerna, El Salvador


  • Bastien Guerry

Germany // Alemania

  • Bert Freudenberg, Germany
  • Simon Schampijer, Germany



  • Sebastián Silva, Perú/Colombia


  • Anish Mangal, India/Paraguay


  • Bernie Innocenti, Italy/USA


  • Micaela Acosta, ceibalJAM!
  • Alan Aguiar, Butiá
  • Andrés Aguirre, Butiá
  • Andrés Ambrois, ceibalJAM!/Hackspace Montevideo
  • Federico Andrade, Butiá
  • Barbanegra, Hackspace Montevideo
  • Esteban Arias, Plan Ceibal
  • Paolo Benini, RAP
  • Esteban Bordón, Plan Ceibal
  • Inés Bouvier, Flor de Ceibo + Taller de Arte y Programación
  • Roxana Castellano, Creática
  • Daniel Castelo, Plan Ceibal
  • Gabriel Eirea, ceibalJAM!
  • Ignacio Escudero, RAP
  • Luciano Ferrari, Plan Ceibal
  • Pablo Flores, ceibalJAM!
  • Bernabé García, Hackspace Montevideo
  • Sandra González, Plan Ceibal
  • Ruben Ingver
  • Karen López, Plan Ceibal
  • Rocío Medina, RAP
  • Luis Michelena, ceibalJAM!
  • Oscar Nieto, RAP
  • Evelyn Pelufo, Plan Ceibal
  • Jesusa Pereira
  • Eugenia Pinilla, Plan Ceibal
  • Carlos Rabassa, RAP
  • Nenny Rabassa, RAP
  • Rosamel Ramirez
  • Alejandro Rodríguez, ceibalJAM!
  • Christofer Roibal, ceibalJAM!
  • Leticia Romero, RAP/ceibalJAM!
  • Fernando Sansberro
  • Gonzalo Tejera, Butiá
  • Victoria Torena, Plan Ceibal
  • Guzmán Trindad


  • Tony Anderson Texas/Nepal/Rwanda
  • Chris Ball, OLPC, Boston
  • Walter Bender, Sugar Labs
  • Caryl Bigenho
  • Ed Bigenho
  • Aaron Borden, San Francisco
  • Nick Doiron, New Hampshire/Uganda/Uruguay
  • David Farning, USA
  • Adam Holt, OLPC, Sugar Labs, USA
  • Ric Holt
  • C. Scott Ananian, OLPC, Boston
  • John Tierney, OLPC


  • Aleksey Lim


  • Nkubito Bakuramutsa, Rwanda

Information written during the organization of the summit

This page is for planning the EduJAM! summit in Uruguay May 5th to 7th 2011.

Don't forget the pre-summit tour Apr 30 - May 5, as well as post-summit codesprint May 8/9 onwards -- dates are final but details are evolving!

Main goals

  • Focus on developers. It does not mean at all we're not concerned about educational aspects, but as a developers community we have huge challenges and the summit will be more of a working instance than a "reflection" instance.
  • Exceed OLPC and Sugar. The developers community goes beyond OLPC and Sugar, and this could be a good instance for bringing "non-olpc organizations" to the conversation.
  • Focus on South America. Bring as many south american developers as possible to Uruguay.


A first sketch of the event (preliminary, see also update here!) is as follows: Program committee:

  • Andrés Ambrois
  • Walter Bender
  • Gabriel Eirea
  • Pablo Flores
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Fernando Sansberro

Pre-Summit "Conozco Uruguay" Exploration Tour

We're organizing a set of in-person activities for those who want to know more about the Uruguayan/Ceibal experience, visiting different points of the country, meeting with families, teachers, etc.

This will happen during the 5-6 days prior to the summit (from Saturday April 30th to Thursday May 5th) for independent and resilient travelers, committed to "anthropological" learning through patient exploration -- details are emerging here!


Attendees and possible attendees list in:
If you want to attend, please write us:

Including Volunteer Organizers: Martín Abente, Walter Bender, Gabriel Eirea, David Farning, Pablo Flores, Adam Holt, Bernie Innocenti, Aleksey Lim, Anish Mangal, Gonzalo Odiard, Andrés Ambrois


We'll put here some information about possible places for staying. At the same time we'll make a volunteers hosting program, so Uruguayan volunteers can host some of the attendees. More information soon.

Uruguay (generally) uses 220V European electrical outlets so please consider bringing a small converter.

Wifi access will be sought where possible, but not guaranteed.


Registration is now Open!

As explained therein, pricing is $100, with confirmed volunteers/students paying $30 or $10. Attendance will likely be limited to about 100 attendees maximum.

Flight prices will rise, so we strongly encourage you to book your flight to Montevideo (MVD) & register today!


Visas are not required for most US, Canada, Europe, Australia citizens.

Direct flights to Montevideo (Carrasco Airport) from:

  • US: Miami
  • Europe: Madrid
  • Most of South America
  • Nearby hubs: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago

There are also nice ferries from Buenos Aires:

An airport departure tax of $30+ may be charged upon leaving Uruguay, if not pre-paid within your flight ticket.

Touristic information:

Don't forget to register for "Conozco Uruguay", our pre-summit eduTRIP! (Saturday April 30 - Thursday May 5)


Main achievements during de Sugar Code Sprint:

  • Journal
    • Cloud Journal brainstorm (many people)
    • Mockups for multiselection (tch, godiard, aq, manuq))
    • Mockups for tags (tch, godiard, aq, manuq)
    • Documents Folder patch (walter)
  • Portfolio Activity (walter, manuq)
  • Library brainstorm (godiard, manuq)
  • Social Calc fixes (nick dorion)
  • Maps Activity (nick dorion)
  • Gnumeric Activity (dirakx)
  • Etoys: download projects from Squeakland (bert)
  • Fixes for Sugar Doers Kit (SDK) (alsroot)
  • Pat em workwflow dxo - SL . OLPC (anish, erikos, martin_xsa)
  • Review reports from the field
  • Modification of 'I Can Read' activity to support sign language (walter)


Caryl Bigenho has posted some really great suggestions & topics on the Talk Page -- eg. she started with "fun" activities for teachers, students, and parents to participate in alongside software architects -- please join her to share your own ideas, for things you'd like to do at EduJAM!