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Aneesh Dogra is a student from India with a passion for computing. He has been programming since 2009 and likes to code in Python and C. He got involved with Sugarlabs during Google Code-In 2012 and contributes to Sugar activities including Calculate, Write, IRC, Get Internet Archive Books, View Slides, Read Etexts etc.

Location: India

Occupation: Student

Email: <first name> at sugarlabs dot org


Gitorious Id :

Github Account:

ASLO User:

Currently Working on =

Mentoring GSOC project for sugarlabs. Summer_of_Code/Translation_Server

Working to port our current pootle 2.0.5 instance to pootle 2.5.

I Maintain

Level Tool


Letter Match (co-maintainer)

Infoslicer (co-maintainer)

Calculate (co-maintainer)

Ruler (co-maintainer)

My Own Sugar Activities Book Examples (co-maintainer)