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What I would like to write about...

  • A Matrix of Distributions features (what you get what you don't get)
  • Activities & Sugar (Sweetness...?)
  • Setting and personalization of SOAS


SOAS Deployement Settings Definition

In case of a deploy in a school we could not expect children or teacher to spend a large initial amount of time to set up basic paramenters for SOAS usage (es. LANGUAGE, Timezone, Keyboard). Whatever approach would be taken in order to land those initial dsettings in the sticks/images, the very first step is to try ti define with increasing precision what all those settings are, where a deployer or developer could find them and how to operate changes without creating regression errors in the procedure.

In order to support deployements activities the standard SOAS image should allow a limited degree of personalization for basic settings. 

This page would be the start of a documentation effort aimed to document those basic interfaces:
* to ease the personalization efforts from field organizations
* to avoid regression issues related to personalization done in the wrong places

A basic list of setting to be descripted could be taken from (by Andrea 16:41, 21 May 2009 (UTC) ):

    • Date, Time & Timezone
    • Language
    • User Accounts
    • WiFi settings
    • Jabber server(s).
    • Add/Remove Programs
    • System Updates
    • Desktop GUI settings
    • Name SD card and USB media drives, etc.
    • What else?

SOAS Deployement Settings Table

  • Draft table :
Description What Where How Complexity
Language LANGUAGE and LANG environment variables conf file, login/boot scripts .... easy (must be!)
Timezone Environment that define timezone login/boot scripts .... easy (must be!)

Jabber Server(s) addres of jabber server for the school/class conf file? ......
WiFi settings in case of proxy, passwords needed conf file? .....
Activity selection or preferred list reworked (added to default set) Journal tbd
User account parameters conf file ? schoolclass info to be added (?)
Additional Drivers Linux drivers to support specific HW Standard Linux Drivers locations Link to an Howto Page (Could be hard)