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General Pootle issues

Odd lang update issue

2725: Brazilian Portuguese problem

This is preventing update from templates of pt_BR, it is falling behind, we need to fix that.

Mangled POT files

2724: Pootle Templates getting mangled

This is a real problem, I'm not sure what is causing it.

These activities are still showing signs of odd synch stuff:

  1. arithmetic.pot
  2. cartoonbuilder.pot
  3. clock.pot
  4. infoslicer.pot
  5. moon.pot
  6. oficina.pot
  7. record.pot
  8. story-builder.pot
  9. TamTamEdit.activity.pot
  10. TamTamJam.activity.pot
  11. TamTamMini.activity.pot
  12. TamTamSynthLab.activity.pot

See Honey_word_counts.ods

Specific Activity issues

Missing / bad POT files in git repo

gogo.pot and hmouse.pot

2929: GoGo does not have a POT file

2765: Add hMouse to Pootle POT is there, but not possible to update templates from VCS "Failed to update honey/templates/hmouse.pot from version control "


TamTam solution maybe to switch to new branch and start over on Pootle set up. The following tickets have been fixed in code, but fix is not shown in git POT or Pootle POT.

2956: TamTam typos

2645: TamTam suite migration FAIL - L10n

What about new developer's comments

Other POTs that have fallen behind code changes

2927: Mateton i18n improvements

2903: Chat i18n enhancement

2898: Calculate 18n improvement

1649: calculate support for arabic numbers

2161: Calculate's characters

2888: Broken Calculate ps.po file with some unnecessary /n in

1722: Calculate - UI string error

1716 Calculate: Pootle commit error

2913 Moon - ./setup build failing to generate locale files due to duplicate string definitions in .po files

2552 HIGH: Colors POT needs refresh

2694: Record typo

2647: Record-88 - additional i18n needed