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Douglas Krofcheck

A senior Software Engineering student at RIT with unofficial concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Game Design and Development.

Related Programming Skills

  • Knows: Java, Lua, Common Lisp, XML (XSLT, XPath)
  • Has Used: C, C++, C#, Ruby on Rails
  • Learning: Python

Game Development Experience

  • Advanced Star Wars Battlefront 2 Modder
  • Worked on SSE's Connect N - a connect 4+ game
  • Worked on SSE's Capture-The-Flag Maze Game - play capture the flag inside a maze
  • Worked on SSE's RIT Capture-The-Flag - top-down shooter on a RIT map

Expected To Address Math Topics

From Math4Team's Curriculum Chart:

  • 4.G.3
  • 4.M.2
  • 4.N.10
  • 4.N.12


  • Muthris - A Tetris based math game inspired by Cuyo

Time Scope

  • Experiences and Skills last updated on April 20, 2009

Contact Info