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My name is Bård Aase, I'm from Bergen in Norway, and is an active member if the Bergen Linux User Group.

I'm a Python, Java and PHP developer, and have a huge interest in Usability and User interface design as well as free software.

My contributions

  • Turtle Art
    • Norwegian translation (all strings, but some strings doesn't fit well, and needs to be re-done)
      • Blocks, currently translated as blokker, but should probably be brikker or biter
  • Documentation

short term goals

  • Complete translation of Sugar for Norwegian
  • Provide working Ubuntu and Debian packages for Sugar.


My public SSH-key:

ssh-dss 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 base@tinytiny



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