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Create our own yum repository

This will allow us to download just once the package needed to develop on our XO platform.

Steps on the server

sudo yum install nginx createrepo
mkdir -P /srv/repo/i686 /srv/repo/armv7hl /srv/repo/noarch
ln -s /srv/repo /usr/share/nginx/html
sudo service nginx start

Download packages for all the architectures we want

I did this by going to each XO (1.5 -i686- and 1.75 -ARM- in my case) and running:

sudo yum install --assumeyes --nogpg yum-utils

Download all the packages that you consider necessary here:

## Common utils that I use
sudo yumdownloader --resolve vim git htop emacs-nox multitail screen
## Those used to compile sugar / artwork / toolkit
sudo yumdownloader --resolve git make alsa-lib-devel gettext-devel \
   gobject-introspection-devel gtk3-devel intltool libSM-devel \
   librsvg2-devel pygobject2-devel pygtk2-codegen python-devel \
   gtk2-devel icon-naming-utils icon-slicer python-empy \
   xorg-x11-apps gnome-common GConf2-devel gtksourceview3-devel \

Copy all of the packages downloaded to the server:

scp *noarch* humitos@
scp *armv7hl* humitos@
scp *i686* humitos@

Create a yum configuration file

Copy this into a file called: /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo (in the XOs)

name=Sugar Repository

Last step on the server

createrepo /srv/repo