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Rather than having overarching goals that everyone in SL runs towards for 2010, I'd like to see everyone within the SL community state and documents (perhaps on their user page, announced to iaep and Planet) their individual SL goals for 2010, so people can easily find areas of intersection-of-interest that would advance SL's mission - if enough people pick up on the same goal (individually), then it becomes a de facto "community goal."

Here are mine (draft):

0. Have pathway for new contributors to go from "what is Sugar Labs?" to "I have made my first contribution, have several mentors from the existing community, and can fully participate in and keep up with the meetings/list for at least one team I have chosen to belong to" in 4 (continuous) hours or less.

1. An average contributor should be able to participate in SL on 4 hours a week - that's 1 hour for a team meeting, 1 hour keeping up with lists, and 2 (or more) hours actually doing stuff. (Prerequisite: having weekly team meetings, having all conversations for a team logged to its mailing list, etc.) This might not be the right wording for this goal, but my intent is to make it so that when you join SL, you can quickly (without needing to spend weeks soaking up a lot of context that us old hands tend to take for granted) settle into the rhythm of a smaller group you can quickly get to personally know, that will mentor/coach/support ou.

2. A regularly occurring, annual (to begin with) and planned far (>6mo) in advance, Sugar Camp.