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Rahul Bothra


I am Rahul Bothra, Computer Science sophomore at BITS Pilani, Pilani. I am from India and usually code from 03:30(UTC) to 18:00(UTC). In my free time, I like playing Piano, and learning new algorithms. I am a core member of BITS-ACM (Campus Chapter) at our college, where we conduct lectures and events like Hackathon and workshopos to promote almost all areas of computing.


  • Python, C, Shell, SQL (Postgres and MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Learnt in coursework: Assembly, Java

Areas of Interest

Logic Programming and Data Strucutures and Algorithms

Future areas for exploration (~6 months)

Image Processing and Natural Language Processing

Me and Sugar Labs

My first contribution to Sugar Labs was working on this issue. Since then I have been contributing regularly by fixing bugs, suggesting ideas and creating and maintaining activities.

Back in December' 17, when I started to prepare for GSoC 2018, I decided to work for Sugar Labs. My motivation was its idea and the impact it had on the society
My work with Sugar Labs was my first introduction to an Open Source Organisation. I got to learn the workings of a big Open Source project, which is more than just writing code. I was constantly guided by the community, pointing where I went wrong and how to improve myself. Working for Sugar Labs has now become a part of my daily routine and I enjoy doing the same.




I would love to hear suggestions to improve myself, or discuss any ideas.