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Puneet Girdhar

Open Source Development


My name is puneet girdhar,currently pursuing my BTECH degree from IIIT Hyderabad,India. Although, I have been working on linux from past 2 years but I came to know about sugar from my friends and after going through their description and project ideas, I really want to appreciate the efforts of the sugar community.

   Aim: Contribute to open source community

There is always a fight goes on between linux & windows and it's really very difficult to make one of them a real winner . I guess, results totally depend on the area or field on which we compare them. I personally love linux for programming. It's so much easy to compile, navigate, debug, command line tools, command tool tweaks ( can't live without them :) ) and many others. This year, I am participating in GSOC with sugar labs to improve it's development environment. try to make linux a real winner this time :).

   Thank you

Guys, No matter if I get selected or not but I always would be the biggest fan of open source. I would like to thank all developers of sugar community for all their work and efforts to make our life and education more easier than ever.

Thanks & Regards, Puneet

GSOC 2009

My GSOC proposal is on Marbles