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Hello there, I am Vipul. I am the election administrator for the SLOB 2020-22 elections, actively participate in Google OSS programs with Sugar Labs and do outreach work.

I am a developer seeking experiences, leading to new learning opportunities, presenting a chance to explore and give back to the community. FOSS developer and advocate, capturing thoughts in my blog, and in the habit of collecting comic strips. I run a kickass initiative to write documentation and technical content for OSS organizations and startups called Mixster. Along with, leading [ALiAS] . A community that I run to boost student contribution in FOSS projects and communities online and offline.

I have been associated with Sugar labs since Google Summer of Code 2018 and have been playing an active in Sugar Labs's Outreach work all over the globe. Organizing talks, sessions, and workshops in major conferences and education summits. PyCon Cleveland and FOSDEM being the most recent ones.


Available all over the web by @vipulgupta2048.

Ps. Fond of party parrots and never met a pizza I didn't like.

Reach me on LinkedIn | Twitter