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Sucrose 0.102.0 Release Notes


Sugar 0.102.0 (stable) is the release version of the Sugar learning platform. It was released 1 July 2014.

The main changes in this cycle are primarily bug fixes and enhancements to existing features. Worth noting is the large number of patches contributed by new (and young) community members.

tar files


Summary of changes

Add age and gender to intro pages and About Me settings; configurable limits imposed on the number of open activities; activities can be limited to opening a single instance at a time; improvements to the updater; reworking of wireless control panel; improvements to batch processing; improvements to View Source; removal of OLPC-specific code from Control Panel; improvements to the layout of the Web Accounts Control Panel; improvements to the layout of the Languages Control Panel; improvements to the Journal toolbar filters; improvements to the Sugar notification system; new mechanism for adjusting microphone input level; and an improved backup mechanism in the Control Panel.
Sugar Toolkit
Conversion to gsettings; improvements to mimetype handling; Journal searching; inhibit suspend while activity is sharing
Sugar Artwork
New icons for backup and restore; age and gender; document-open. Improvements to the battery-charging icons. Some style improvements.
Sugar Activities (Fructose)
Pippy, the Sugar Python editor got a major overhaul. It supports multiple tabs and numerous new export mechanisms. In combination with Turtle Blocks, it is now possible to create new Sugar Activities entirely within Sugar itself: (1) Create a Turtle Blocks project; (2) Export the project as Python; (3) Import the Python code into Pippy; and (4) Export the Python code as a Sugar Activity. You can even create a Sugar icon for your project using Turtle Blocks, which can export projects to Python. The Chat activity had a major stylistic overhaul.
Other Sugar Activities (Honey)
Major updates to Maze, Spirolaterals, Fraction Bounce, Words, Music Painter, et al.

What is new for users

optionally capture age and gender for each user
refactored the notification system
added labels to the icons on the webservices control panel
refactored the journal toolbar filters
refactored the language control panel (separating language selection from region selection)
added an adjustment for the microphone level
Built-in backup and restore tool
The new chat look and feel
Winning Turtle Art project from Turtle Art Day Kathmandu
The same project as Python code.
  • limit the number of open activities
  • limit certain activities to one open instance at a time
  • the proper icon appears on the Frame when running non-Sugar activities


Gonzalo Odiard has prepared videos of some of the new Sugar features (Sugar 100 and 102):

In English:


En español:


What's new for developers

See [1]

  • icon_size is deprecated (use pixel_size)
  • Conversion to gsettings (gconf is deprecated)
  • max_participants is moved to activity.info and is "honored", i.e., users will not be able to join an activity where max_participants has been reached until someone drops out. (max_participants as specified in activity.py is deprecated.)

How to contribute with testing

Testing and reporting issues is a big help for the developing team.

You can set up the Sugar developer environment by following the instructions found at http://developer.sugarlabs.org

See 0.102/Testing for unstable images.

Commits to Sugar Core since 0.100


Author Commit
Gonzalo Odiard Show the Join option in the activity palette in neighborhood
Gonzalo Odiard Fix display of multiple alerts in home view
Ignacio Rodríguez Fix "Show in Journal" functionality
Martin Abente Lahaye Use del instead of IconInfo.free
Walter Bender Fix circular import
Martin Abente Lahaye Remember last ad-hoc used
Gonzalo Odiard Notify the view about changes in external devices
Gonzalo Odiard Fix delete metadata of files in subdirectories
Gonzalo Odiard Save/Load metadata for files in subdirectories in Documents and devices
Gonzalo Odiard Don't remove the extension on external files - Fixes #2949
Gonzalo Odiard Assign the right mountpoint to files located in Documents directory
Gonzalo Odiard Cache get_documents_path value
Martin Abente Lahaye Set keep values as strings
Gonzalo Odiard Implement filter by activity in devices and Documents - Fixes #4523
Gonzalo Odiard Implement filter by favorite in devices and Documents - Fixes #3813
Martin Abente Lahaye Block KeepIcon callback in ExpandedEntry
Martin Abente Lahaye Do not overflow transfer palette
Gonzalo Odiard Flake8 fixes
Sam Parkinson Fixes #2382, don't star journal entries from the object chooser
Sam Parkinson Stop a null device crashing the journal
Walter Bender Don't offer to join beyond maximum participants
Walter Bender More robust locale matching
Martin Abente Lahaye Do not cache BuddyMenu in favorites view
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix notification badges position and size
Gonzalo Odiard Avoid pulsing icon at startup - Fixes #4767
Gonzalo Odiard Replace use of dbus on aboutcomputer panel
Gonzalo Odiard Delay saving the sound volume, to avoid saving many times
Gonzalo Odiard Avoid mixing signals received by settings updates - Fixes #4759
Gonzalo Odiard Speech palette: don't save values for every slider movement
Prasoon Shukla Fixed ticket 4686.
Sam Parkinson Find if an activity is GTK2 or 3 in the view source dialog
Gonzalo Odiard Use introspection instead of dbus to set wireless on/off
Jerry Vonau correct potfiles.in for file rename
Emil Dudev, et al. Add control for microphone level setting …
Daniel Narvaez Add a bunch of missing translations
Daniel Narvaez Modernize gettext setup
Daniel Narvaez Fixes for pep8 1.5
Daniel Narvaez Update POTFILES.in
Sam Parkinson Add NotificationBox to current activity palette …
Sam Parkinson Display badges in activities tray icons …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix NotificationPulsingIcon property name …
Sam Parkinson Display badge in corner notification icon …
Walter Bender Replace journal filter combo boxes …
Walter Bender Replace combobox with palettes on Language cpsection The Language-sel… …
Walter Bender add labels to webservice icons …
Sebastian Silva Try to use X11 window icon on Activities tray. Needs icon pixbuf supp… …
Gonzalo Odiard Don't break the updater with a malformed activity.info file …
Ignacio Rodríguez Color coded devices …
Manuel Quiñones Change icon for Backup in Control Panel
Martin Abente Lahaye Clean temporary icons before microformat query …
Gonzalo Odiard Updater: show icons for new activities - Fixes #4657 …
Martin Abente Lahaye Update corner notification icon …
Martin Abente Lahaye Add or remove system notification buttons …
Martin Abente Lahaye Add system notifications widgets …
Martin Abente Lahaye Listen notifications from activities tray …
Martin Abente Lahaye General notifications container widget …
Gonzalo Odiard Solve the flow of text with long messages in backup/restore cp
Gonzalo Odiard Add tests …
Gonzalo Odiard Save the mime type in the generated backup file metadata …
Gonzalo Odiard Add mime type for backup files
Gonzalo Odiard Show a start message earlier …
Gonzalo Odiard Save metadata in generated backup file …
Gonzalo Odiard Better naming of the generated backup file …
Gonzalo Odiard Add UI interaction to the backend …
Martin Abente Lahaye Support volumes backup …
Gonzalo Odiard Initial backupmanager and section in the control panel …
Martin Abente Lahaye Extend notifications model …
Gonzalo Odiard Updater: disconnect signals when cp view is closed - Fixes #4740 …
Martin Abente Lahaye Connect to same event once at a time from _Account …
Ana Balica Manage restart message on reverting to initial username …
Ana Balica Fix #4733 - remove warning on username change …
Gonzalo Odiard The updater need reset the internal state when finish with error …
rcunning01 Update LGPL-python.txt …
rcunning01 Update LGPL-C.txt
Gonzalo Odiard Show a error message if the activity updater can't connect to the server …
Gonzalo Odiard Microformat updater: fix parser …
rcunning01 Set GNU GPL in monospace font …
Ignacio Rodríguez Use hardcode names and colors.
Gonzalo Odiard Microformat updater: set cache header …
Ignacio Rodríguez Unit test for profile, age, gender, color and nick.
Daniel Narvaez Pyflakes fixes
Frederick Grose Rework wireless control panel section to respect non-wireless connect… …
Daniel Narvaez Fix pep8 errors
Prasoon Shukla Fixed ticket 4694. …
Emil Dudev A small bug fix, due to the GSettings port and homeview key merging
Gonzalo Odiard Inhibit suspend while doing text to speech …
Gonzalo Odiard Display keyboard shortcuts in palettes - Fixes #4716 …
Gonzalo Odiard CurrentActivityIcon need check if _home_activity is None - Fixes #4725 …
Ignacio Rodríguez Use set_color_xo instead set_color …
Manuel Quiñones Expose variables used by inner functions
Daniel Narvaez Revert "Remove unused variable from journal misc.py" …
Daniel Narvaez Remove unused variable from journal misc.py
Walter Bender add missing file: agepicker.py
Daniel Narvaez Add keybinding to dump the ui tree
Walter Bender Add age and gender to user profile …
Manuel Quiñones Icon API change: use pixel_size …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix error while trying to open journal palette. Fixes #4637 …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix missing options in batch copy palette …
Gonzalo Odiard Add viewhelp.py to POTFILES.in
Gonzalo Odiard Implement Activity Help feature …
Emil Dudev Asynchronous file copying
Daniel Narvaez Add the gsettings schemas for translation
Emil Dudev GConf to GSetitngs port, tier 2 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix method name in journal multiple objects operation …
Manuel Quiñones Remove monochrome from battery icon while charging …
Walter Bender Fix typo in GConf code …
Ignacio Rodríguez Port AboutMe section to Grid
Emil Dudev Use .splice_async() in filetransfer.py …
Emil Dudev GConf backward compatibility …
Emil Dudev Change paths to non deprecated scheme
Emil Dudev GConf to GSettings port
Daniel Narvaez Remove trailing space
Sam Parkinson Fixed an issue with the show_launcher option having no effect
Gonzalo Odiard CP background section need set the cursor at exit - SL #4667 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix control panel search focus issue - SL #3188 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix "Show feedback in detailview when sugar can't manage a entry" …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix "Restart button in detailview does not works if palette is opened… …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix Clone of gtk3 activities - SL #4608 …
Gonzalo Odiard Consolidate the control of what can be resumed in the journal …
Gonzalo Odiard Show feedback in detailview when sugar can't manage a entry - SL #328 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix regression introduced by ae54fc4 …
ChristoferR Unnecessary checkout for getting file size, Fixes: #2303 …
Walter Bender add jarabe/view/alerts …
Walter Bender Set limit to open activities and open instances …
Daniel Narvaez Revert "Shows path instead of activity name in Title bar. Fixes #3073" …
Daniel Narvaez Add padding to the journal button palette …
cheekujodhpur Shows path instead of activity name in Title bar. Fixes #3073
Daniel Narvaez Revert "Removes pulsing from start-up icon. Fixes #3092" …
Jerry Vonau Remove OLPC specific code from sugar-control-panel …
Gonzalo Odiard Do not update the journal when in the detail view - SL #4658 …
Gonzalo Odiard Reorganize the code to avoid duplications …
Gonzalo Odiard About computer: show when was the last update on system packages …
Gonzalo Odiard About this computer: Display secondary licenses if needed …
Gonzalo Odiard Display the model in the control panel About this computer section …
Gonzalo Odiard Add a gconf option to show/hide the Register option - SL #4640 …
Daniel Narvaez Improve shutdown/restart/logout configurability …
Daniel Narvaez Trivial string change …
Gonzalo Odiard Avoid popup the palette while a dragging in the Journal - SL #3999 …
Walter Bender The set hidden attribute ioctl doesn't work for …
Gonzalo Odiard Add 5 GHz frequency channels table - SL #4459 …
Gonzalo Odiard Update version of Sugar to 0.100 …
Walter Bender Fix to fix of SL #4650 …
Gonzalo Odiard Avoid switch to the Journal or change views when a modal window is op… …

Sugar Toolkit

Author Commit
Martin Abente Lahaye Remove Palette logic out of PaletteWindow …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix black palettes …
Gonzalo Odiard Enable collaboration by default on activities …
Sam Parkinson Remove a double / in webkit1 activity's request's filenames
Gonzalo Odiard Fix regression introduced by b9d6b62 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix drawing of gap on palettes attached to widget - Fixes #4776 …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix and clean Palette secondary label …
Gonzalo Odiard Show palettes at the screen bottom with the right size - Fixes #4673 …
Gonzalo Odiard Avoid breaking activity startup by dbus timeout on sigle instance - F… …
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 and pyflakes fixes to sugar-activity
Gonzalo Odiard Add a method to get all the extensions associated to a mime type …
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fix
Walter Bender Assign max_participants in activity.info …
Martin Abente Lahaye Add Icon.get_badge_size …
Gonzalo Odiard Make webactivity and webkit1 implementations independent …
Prasoon Shukla Add description in journal object palette - Fixes #4686
Emil Dudev Add capture device support …
Daniel Narvaez Add missing translations
Daniel Narvaez Modernize gettext setup
Sam Parkinson Now show sugar object choosers as file pickers in web activities
Daniel Narvaez Fixes for pep8 1.5
Sam Parkinson Extend API for activities notifications …
Daniel Narvaez Fix pep8
Sebastian Silva Implementation of pixbufs for use with X11 window icons.
James Michael DuPont better debugging
Gaurav Parida Add verbosity to the activity tests
Gaurav Parida port optparse to argparse in bundlebuilder.py
Gonzalo Odiard Remove c implementation of mime methods …
Gonzalo Odiard Implement mime.get_mime_parents using python …
Gonzalo Odiard Use Gio.content_type_guess to identify mime type - Fixes #4715 …
Gonzalo Odiard Add accelerator to PaletteMenuItem - Fixes #4716 …
Gonzalo Odiard Restore suspend catch the wrong exception …
Gonzalo Odiard Inhibit suspend while a activity is shared …
Gonzalo Odiard Remove unused code …
Gonzalo Odiard Webkit1 compatibility: send 404 error if the file don't exists …
Sam Parkinson Fixes #1929, update toolbar examples in activity doc strings
Martin Abente Lahaye Revert "Keep updated CellRendererInvoker self.path updated - Fixes #4… …
Gonzalo Odiard Keep updated CellRendererInvoker self.path updated - Fixes #4717 …
Manuel Quiñones Icon: deprecate icon_size …
Ignacio Rodríguez pep8 fixes for 'Add menu width chars'
Ignacio Rodríguez Add menu width chars to sugar3
Daniel Narvaez Fix chaining up to the parent
Daniel Narvaez Fix pyflakes errors
Sai Vineet Add Activity Testing API and check command to setup.py …
Emil Dudev Touch UI: esc fullscreen …
Emil Dudev Remove GConf completely …
Daniel Narvaez Remove unnecessary check for python headers …
Emil Dudev GConf to GSettings port
Gonzalo Odiard Add get_show_launcher() in bundles other than activitybundle …
Akshay Nautiyal Use proper formatting syntax, fixes #2170
Sam Parkinson Fixes #4634, issue where spaces in bundle ids crashed sugar
Gonzalo Odiard Be able to click in a tooltip - Fixes #991 …
Gonzalo Odiard Make webactivity compatible with webkit1 …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix cloning activity in sugar - SL #4608 …
Walter Bender Add single_instance field to activity bundle …
dnaula Fixes #3665: add is_fullscreen() method to Window class …
Ezequiel Pereira Add journal filter for .xo bundles …
Daniel Narvaez Make gir files depend on their library …

Sugar Web

Author Commit
Daniel Narvaez Browsers must be a list
Daniel Narvaez Need full path to sugar-web-test
Daniel Narvaez Add script launcher karma plugin
Daniel Narvaez Add a grunt based build …
Daniel Narvaez Split envSpec in unit and functional bits
Daniel Narvaez Consolidate functional/unit split
Daniel Narvaez Fix indentation …
Rogelio Mita karma conf to run unit test only
Rogelio Mita karma-shared configuration
Code Raguet remove unnecessary variable aliasing from getObjectId
Code Raguet fixes unnecessary long timeout
Code Raguet improves getObjectId's spec describe
Rogelio Mita Grouping unit tests
Rogelio Mita Moving toolkitContractSpect.js to functional tests directory
Rogelio Mita Moving datastore functional tests to separate file
Daniel Narvaez Update to the latest karma config format …
Code Raguet add FIXME on env.getEnvironment()
Rogelio Mita Refactor: Grouping up responsibilities in sugar mode
Code Raguet env.getEnvironment should return {} in standalone mode
Code Raguet (temporaly) stub env.isStandalone = false when describing environment… …
Code Raguet stub env.isStandalone = false when describing datastore module
Code Raguet stub env.isStandalone = false when describing datastore object
Code Raguet stub env.isStandalone = false in sugar mode
Rogelio Mita datastore integration tests: increase waitFor timeout
Code Raguet Merge pull request #100 from rogemita/fix_tests_sugar_mode-try2 …
Code Raguet fix false positive specs: getEnvironment when env was not set, yet
Rogelio Mita Fix: functional test for envSpec
Daniel Narvaez Revert "Turn on debug logging" …
Rogelio Mita better semantics, test: "should run in standalone mode"
Daniel Narvaez Turn on debug logging …
Code Raguet test: it should set global sugar in standalone mode
Code Raguet add test: it should run callback on EnvironmentSet event
Code Raguet ensure env setter to be undefined before getEnvironment gets called
Code Raguet force environment to be undefined
Rogelio Mita Refactor: common code on setup and teardown methods
Rogelio Mita Grouping up related tests: "in sugar mode"
Rogelio Mita test: should set onEnvironmentSet handler …
Rogelio Mita test: should run callback with null error and environment. …
Rogelio Mita js-beautify fix
Rogelio Mita js-beautify fix
Rogelio Mita Refactor: Ensure standalone mode on "dictstore on standalone mode" de… …
Rogelio Mita dictstore save method uses isStandalone method
Rogelio Mita dictstore init uses isStandalone method
Rogelio Mita Add webL10n missing definition path
Rogelio Mita isStandalone method for env module
Rogelio Mita test: Ensure the datastore object has an objectId (datastore)
Daniel Narvaez More strict mode fixes
Daniel Narvaez Missing var keyword
Manuel Quiñones Set JS strict mode …
Code Raguet modify "save" to solely run the callback when running under standalon… …
Manuel Quiñones New module, helper to store localStorage in the datastore

Sugar Artwork

Author Commit
Gonzalo Odiard Fix clipboard icon size - Fixes #4751
Walter Bender icon for audio input …
Walter Bender gtk-toolbar-style = GTK_TOOLBAR_BOTH_HORIZ …
Walter Bender Changes in support of Journal toolbar …
Manuel Quiñones New backup icon for Control Panel
Manuel Quiñones Remove double line in menuitem separators …
Manuel Quiñones Add icons for Backup and Restore …
Walter Bender New icons for age-gender feature …
Manuel Quiñones Fix fill of charging battery icon 100 …
Ignacio Rodríguez Add document-open to make file
Ignacio Rodríguez Add document-open icon
Robert King Fixes #44 . Adds charging icon to charging battery sign
Ignacio Rodríguez Add icon for the python mime type …
Frederick Grose Use Sugar-themed hand for the touchpad icon. …

Changes to Sugar Activities since 0.100

Write 94

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
gauravp94 Change icon_size to pixel_size
Gonzalo Odiard Disable saving the content as text if abi version == 3.0 (exports)
Gonzalo Odiard Delay imports to improve activity startup time
Gonzalo Odiard Delay speech initialization to speed up the activity startup

Read 113

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Save the mimetype in the metadata when download a shared file
Gonzalo Odiard Don't set path in the downloader
Gonzalo Odiard Copy file in read_file method
Gonzalo Odiard Use Gio to identify the mime type of transferred files

Log 36

Author Enhancements
Gonzalo Odiard Use activity root to generate the collector file - SL #4407

Jukebox 32

Author Enhancements
Sai Vineet Add reorder capability to Jukebox

Browse 156

Author Enhancements/Bug Fix
Gonzalo Odiard Delay Evince import until is needed to improve activity startup time
Gonzalo Odiard Make consistent the tooltip of the show/hide tray button
Manuel Quiñones Clear URL entry when Escape is pressed
anubhavj Workaround for #4638 no palettes in sugar-build

Pippy 61

Author Enhancements
Athar Haque Shortcut keys for switching tabs
Walter Bender Set tab label with file name when loading examples
Walter Bender Set focus on text view
Gonzalo Odiard Improvement to search for sound resources
Sai Vineet Export as disutils, as library, as example
Sai Vineet Edit on multiple tabs
Ignacio Rodriguez Add custom icon selection when saving as Sugar activity
Emil Dudev Add confirmation alert before loading new projects
Ignacio Rodriguez Use open palette instead of treeview
Sai Vineet Show/Hide terminal widget
Walter Bender Added new examples (math/pi, math/stern-brocot)
Jorge Alberto Gómez López Added i18n support for examples
Jorge Alberto Gómez López Added tutorials
Ignacio Rodriguez Reenable copy/paste
Walter Bender New icons
Author Bug Fixes
Sebastian Silva Fix indentation problem in GroupThink
Sebastian Silva Fix scrollbar in activity template
Walter Bender Fixed problem with importing sample code into empty notebook
Athar Haque Fixed "output of the program is not fully displayed" (SL #4661)
Walter Bender Sort out numerous cases regarding saving/restoring tabs/tabs content
Walter Bender Fixed problem with sound check in sugar-build env.
Walter Bender Don't offer up sound examples if TamTam is not installed
Walter Bender Work around problem importing sugar3.activity to generate bundle_path
Walter Bender Keep dialog window on top after cycling between activities
Walter Bender Fix problems with sound library
Walter Bender Using elements package from Physics
Walter Bender Fixed a problem that prevented Pippy from opening .py files
Walter Bender Fixed many issues with export Sugar activity code

Turtle Blocks 206

Author Enhancements
Walter Bender new sample project from Nepal
Walter Bender add set_font block
Walter Bender use 'clamp' format for start and action blocks
Walter Bender autosave in GNOME
Andrés Aguirre set default on save
Walter Bender add Alt-s as keyboard shortcut for Stop button
Alan Aguiar speed up no_help test
Walter Bender make default background color match default fillscreen color
Walter Bender add new python example: text line
Walter Bender new example project (w/Bernie)
Walter Bender Use journal or file block for all media types
Walter Bender Play audio and video from the web
Walter Bender Eliminate extra space around protoblock labels
Walter Bender Code cleanup: separate classes for Selectors and PaletteViews
Walter Bender Use built-in Python mimetype processing
Walter Bender Cleaned up gplay code (uses debug_output)
Jorge Alberto Gómez López Export project as Sugar icon
Jorge Alberto Gómez López Export project as ODP
Scimonster Added URL block
Walter Bender Save/restore palette settings in GConf
Alan Aguiar Add confirmation when emptying trash in GNOME version
Daniel Francis Add load/save plugin dialog to GNOME version
Walter Bender Add busy cursor when projects are being prepared to run
Marian Zepf Export Python branch (This is really fun. Give it a try.)
Walter Bender Added busy cursor while project is loading from store
Walter Bender Added tabbing through palette proto-blocks
Cynthia Solomon New sample program
Walter Bender Merged new translations
Author Bug Fixes
Andrés Aguirre hide stop button when using keyboard shortcut
Walter Bender check for writeable file for save
Walter Bender post alert when trying to save to read-only directory
Walter Bender fix start block sizing
Walter Bender make sure autosave directory is writeable
Walter Bender add defer draw
Walter Bender set background color; cleanup
Walter Bender enable deferred display of sprites when loading
Walter Bender fix regression find_hat (w/Alan Aguiar)
Walter Bender add ifthenelse card
Walter Bender more robust search for media
Walter Bender save size of forever block
Walter Bender catch exceptions in upload process
Walter Bender simplify with time block
Walter Bender don't reset timer on clear
Walter Bender clean up unused sample projects
Walter Bender look for proper connection testing for connection above when action b… …
Walter Bender readjust block positioning due to new action style
Walter Bender use en for en versions of intros
Walter Bender add new thumbnails
Walter Bender fix problem with docking to unavailable
Walter Bender warning when running empty start stack
Walter Bender account for more corner cases in journal block thumbnails
Walter Bender add thumbnail for media-jpournal-stats
Walter Bender move temp data to samples/data
Walter Bender add missing thumbnail file
Walter Bender fix regression in bullet lists
Walter Bender less kludgy work-around to protoblock-skin regression
Walter Bender fix regression in picture block prototypes
Walter Bender fix regression in trash; fix regression in media blocks
Walter Bender add support for vectors; fix bug in restore from trash; add new block… …
Walter Bender fixed regression in save to ODP code
Walter Bender update remote turtle before drawing text
Walter Bender put TurtleBlocks ahead of TurtleBots in modules path
Walter Bender bypass plugin start in order to accommodate exported Python code
Walter Bender look for datafiles in bundle_path
Walter Bender fix problem with label offset (SL #4754)
Walter Bender fix problem with starting plugins from Python export
Alan Aguiar fix problem with help status button infinite loop
Walter Bender fix block scaling problem
Walter Bender work around ColorObj/Box bug
Walter Bender remove spurious \ character from define
Walter Bender fix problem with unselecting blocks with no labels
Walter Bender Fixed bug with color constants when used with push/pop and boxes
Alan Aguiar Fixed bug with hover help in GNOME
Walter Bender Fixed problem with dragging canvas while programming is running
Walter Bender Fixed problem with Returns in action and box names (as reported by quozi)
Walter Bender Fixed problem with label positioning on some blocks
Walter Bender Fixed rendering problem with filled shapes using arcs
Walter Bender Fixed problem with sharing filled shapes using arcs
Ignacio Rodriguez Make save_as_icon button insensitive when no svg output available
Ignacio Rodriguez Make save_as_ODP button insensitive when no saved pictures available
Walter Bender Added missing parens for some binary operations in Python export
Walter Bender Fixed positioning of help messages (#4679)
Walter Bender Reworked Duplicate Blocks warning graphic to reflect current block shapes
Walter Bender Refactor until block shape to better reflect flow logic
Walter Bender Enabled load file to heap/save heap to file to use the Sugar journal
Alan Aguiar Fixed shade block dock settings
Alan Aguiar Fixed bug in empty trash
Walter Bender Set active turtle after 'clean' in exported Python code
Walter Bender Execute 'until' body once before entering loop in exported Python code
Walter Bender Fixed problem with running_blocks flag not being cleared (cause of spurious "hit stop button" messages.
Walter Bender Fixed problem with errant text entry widget on run.
Jorge Alberto Gómez López Fixed problem with text wrap of SVG output #1856
Walter Bender Logging errors in project metadata for making learning visible
Walter Bender Prevent text blocks from docking to blocks requiring numeric arguments

Chat 79

Author Enhancements
Jorge Gomez Chat should note when a continuous string of characters extends beyond the end of the screen
Jorge Gomez Chat should provide notification of new activity if scrollbar is not in the bottom position
Ignacio Rodriguez Audio notifications
Walter Bender keep name and message on same line
Walter Bender resize conversation when screen size changes
Walter Bender more fine-tuning of smiley window; resize when screen changes
Walter Bender use grid instead of table; tweak grid calculations
Walter Bender add toolbar to smiley window
Walter Bender inform user that they must be connected before trying to chat
Walter Bender calling resize for each message when screen changes
Walter Bender major overhaul of layout
Walter Bender move smiley button to text entry
Walter Bender need to define nick color even for status messages
Walter Bender use similar color scheme for both sending and receiving messages
Walter Bender merge color label for nick into the textbox
Walter Bender set Label justification
Walter Bender adjust box widths
Walter Bender Improve padding calculation
Walter Bender switch from box to grid
Gonzalo Odiard Move the open the journal logic to the activity
Gonzalo Odiard improved visuals
Walter Bender setting message colors
Walter Bender add support for tails
Walter Bender use standard activity toolbar
Walter Bender add more smilies
Walter Bender add fixed to position content around OSK


Many people contributed to this release indirectly, including testing, documentation, translation, contributing to the Wiki, outreach to education and developer communities. On behalf of the community, we give our warmest thanks to the developers and contributors who made this Sugar release possible.

We want to especially thank:

  • the Infrastructure team which does all this great work in the background without which the development would not be possible at all,
  • the deployments that provide the development team with feedback from the field,
  • the Design team which guided the design of features with UI changes or impact on the workflow,
  • the Translation team which makes sure that Sugar is enjoyable in the local languages of our users,
  • the developers that submit patches for new features and bug fixes and do review other's patches,
  • the maintainers that make sure their code is shippable and which provide packagers with new tarballs,
  • the packagers which provide distributions with new Sugar packages,
  • the SoaS team for providing a Sugar version to test with during the development cycle,
  • the testers for finding the small and bigger issues,

Daniel Narvaez took the responsibility of manage the release.