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What are the logs useful for

If you provide debugging logs to a ticket, you'll be making it much easier to developers to fix the issue. In most of the cases it will be easiest for you to reproduce the bug.

Enabling debugging

These are general steps to follow when providing logs for some bug:

  • Start the Terminal activity.
  • Type the following:
 echo 'export SUGAR_LOGGER_LEVEL=debug' >> /home/olpc/.xsession
  • Reboot, or just restart X using ctrl+alt+erase

Other debugging settings

The file /home/olpc/.xsession-example contains other settings useful for debugging. You can copy individual lines from this or copy the entire file to /home/olpc/.xsession.

Presence service

If your bug involves the presence service, you might also want to follow the steps for BugSquad/TelepathyDebugging.

Where are the logs placed

  • Perform the minimal steps to reproduce the bug.
  • The relevant logs are in ~/.sugar/default/logs, (e.g org.laptop.WebActivity-1.log for the log of the first Browse instance).

Attach the logs

The easiest way is to use the Browse activity to attach them to the ticket. You can copy them to a USB flash drive and attach them to the ticket from another computer as well.

Note: The file datastore.log may contain a list of all the files in your USB flash drive or SD card. Check and delete from there if you don't want to submit that information. Most probably it's not needed by the developers.

  • You may also use olpc-netlog to gather all logs and XO info into a single file.
  • Log is an activity for viewing log files